Animal Welfare

Justice for Rocket, Miniature Poodle Allegedly Left With Life-Threatening Injuries

A miniature poodle was reportedly slammed onto concrete and thrown from a ledge in a horrific case of animal cruelty. Seek stringent legal repercussions for his suspected abuser.


Prevent Mass Die-Off of Federally Protected Pelicans

Pelicans are apparently starving and dying in large numbers along the California coast. Demand enhanced aid and answers for this mysterious and deadly event.


Success: Convicted Serial Cat Killer Receives Prison Sentence

A man convicted of going on a serial cat killing spree will serve time in prison. Applaud legal action taken in a case that may help broaden protections for all the nation’s animals.

Human Rights

Hundreds of Patients Allegedly Abused by Doctor Deserve Justice

Over 200 patients were allegedly sexually violated by a trusted doctor. Call for criminal charges following a full investigation.


Justice for Rocket, Miniature Poodle Allegedly Left With Life-Threatening Injuries

A miniature poodle was reportedly slammed onto concrete and thrown from a ledge in a horrific case of animal cruelty. Seek stringent legal repercussions for his suspected abuser.

Seek Justice for Chickens Rescued from Alleged Cockfighting Ring

228 chickens and roosters were rescued from an alleged cockfighting operation. Demand accountability and justice to prevent further animal cruelty.

Ensure Affordable Housing for All

Affordable, efficient, and safe public housing is increasingly out of reach for Americans. Demand solutions that confront and help remedy this kitchen table crisis.

Dogs Allegedly Starving and Living in Filth Deserve Justice

Authorities reportedly uncovered severe animal neglect, with one dog deceased and others malnourished. Demand swift legal action against the accused party.

Pitbull Apparently Left in Sweltering Car to Die Deserves Justice

A dog allegedly perished after being left in a hot car by its owner. Demand accountability for this apparent neglectful act.

Protect Cicadas and Their Essential Role in Ecosystems

As over a trillion cicadas emerge, their vital role in the ecosystem is underscored. Demand protection and respect for their natural life cycle.

Seek Justice for Dog Allegedly Beaten With Metal Pipe

A dog was allegedly found injured after a violent beating. Call for immediate legal action against the accused perpetrator.

Investigate Reported “Graveyard of Animal Bones”

Animals from horses to llamas were reportedly found near the point of death, living amid a sea of bones. Call for stringent legal action against the alleged perpetrators.

Don’t Make Cockfighting Victims Pay with Their Lives

Cockfighting survivors were allegedly shot and euthanized en masse despite reports that the rescued roosters were destined for new homes. Demand life-saving reforms that could save abused animals from more needless pain and suffering.

Puppies Allegedly Taken in Polythene Bag to Dispose in Well Deserve Justice

A disturbing video surfaced, depicting puppies allegedly taken from a home and cruelly discarded in a well. Seek legal action against the suspected perpetrator.

Pregnant Street Dog Allegedly Stabbed Multiple Times Deserve Justice

A pregnant street dog was allegedly stabbed multiple times in a brutal act. Demand accountability and justice for this innocent animal.

Alleged Cruelty to Animals Deserves Immediate Attention

Alleged acts of severe cruelty towards animals have been revealed. Ensure justice with immediate legal action.

Urgent Call for Justice: Animal Activist Allegedly Assaulted for Protecting Stray Dogs

An animal activist was reportedly assaulted for feeding stray dogs. Demand justice and the protection of strays.

Shut Down Cruel, Overcrowded Puppy Mills

Dogs were rescued from conditions allegedly involving overcrowding and neglect at a puppy mill. Demand accountability and stricter regulations.

Stand Up For Dogs Reportedly Run Over, Stabbed And Chained Tightly

Dogs have reportedly been run over, stabbed, and tortured in mounting cases of animal cruelty. Call for legal action against those responsible.

Seek Justice for Animal Found Eyeless Due to Alleged Abuse

An animal was discovered without eyes, under conditions that necessitate urgent investigation. Call for the prompt prosecution of those responsible.

Demand Justice for Cat Who Died Due to Alleged Neglect

Several cats died and more suffered due to alleged neglect. Demand swift legal intervention.

Demand Justice for Defenseless Bull Terrier Allegedly Kicked Repeatedly

A bull terrier was reportedly subjected to multiple violent kicks. Seek appropriate legal consequences for this alleged cruelty.

Call for Justice After Seemingly Barbaric Abuse of Goose

A goose was reportedly barbarically impaled at a lake. Demand accountability for this cruel act.

Demand Justice for Dog Allegedly Suffering from Maggot-Infested Wound

A neglected dog allegedly suffered a maggot-infested wound due to its owner’s failure to seek proper medical care. Call for accountable legal action.

Seek Justice for Bella: Demand Punishment for Allegedly Untreated Health Issues

A dog named Bella reportedly had to be euthanized due to untreated severe health issues. Call for stringent enforcement of animal cruelty laws.

Protect Animals From Potentially Cruel Cart Racing Tradition

Allegations of animal cruelty have resurfaced with the revival of bullock cart races. Demand a comprehensive legal review.

Call For Justice Against Reportedly Brutal Assault on Family and Their Dog

A family and their dog were alleged victims of a brutal assault by their neighbors. Demand accountability and justice for their suffering.

Bring Justice for Puppy Reportedly Found With Broken Limbs

A 3-month-old puppy was allegedly subjected to severe abuse, with broken limbs and cuts. Seek immediate legal action against those responsible.

Justice for Dexter, Bulldog Mix Reportedly Found Decapitated With Body Discarded

A bulldog mix was reportedly decapitated, his body discarded in the mangroves. Demand thorough investigation and legal accountability.

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