Stop Torturing Skunks By Removing Their Scent Glands

Domestic skunks are forced to undergo a painful de-glanding procedure, which strips them of their natural born defenses. Ban this cruel and unnecessary practice.

Protect People From Rabies Without Killing Innocent Dogs

In response to an outbreak of canine rabies, Indonesia has taken to killing thousands of dogs to try and eradicate the disease. Encourage the U.S. to supply Indonesia with rabies vaccinations to save the lives of rabies afflicted humans and dogs.

Prevent United Kingdom From Collapsing Into Political Chaos

The prime minister of the United Kingdom is clinging to power amidst a wave of scandals and resignations, threatening to destabilize this region and far beyond. Demand action to quell this crisis of confidence in leadership.

Dog Covered in Feces With Maggot Infested Wounds and Forced to Breed Her Whole Life Deserves Justice

A small dog was found covered in maggot infested wounds and smelled of feces and urine. She had been forced to live her entire life in a cage to breed for the profit of her owner. Demand authorities find and arrest the person responsible for this nightmarish abuse.

Justice for Rescue Animals Allegedly Trapped at Neglectful and Abusive Facility

A decades-old animal rescue organization reportedly subjected at-risk animals to unsanitary and unlivable conditions and neglect. The former owner has been charged with felony animal cruelty. Urge the legal system to exercise due vigilance in assuring a just outcome in this troubling case.

Save Potentially Innocent Man From Execution

A man possibly innocent of the crime that sent him to death row has an upcoming date with the execution chamber. Legal professionals and bipartisan lawmakers alike are among his supporters. Demand Oklahoma’s leadership order a stay of execution as critical new evidence comes to light.

Success: Bipartisan Gun Safety Package Signed Into Law

The fight against America’s gun violence epidemic received a needed boost when several senators came together in a rare bipartisan effort. Applaud an initiative that will help protect future victims from mentally unstable and abusive threats.

Save Salmon From Deadly Rising Temperatures

Salmon are being devastated by warming temperatures and dwindling habitat. Demand action to protect this essential species.

Don’t Bow Down to Suspected Killer Crown Prince

President Biden’s upcoming trip to Saudi Arabia comes down to two choices: acquiescence or accountability. Demand the president hold Saudi leaders to account for their alleged violations and crimes.

Success: United States Can End Harmful “Remain in Mexico” Immigration Policy

The Supreme Court has ruled the Biden administration can end the policy that sent asylum seekers at the southern border back to Mexico. Sign this petition to celebrate this victory.

Don’t Allow Personal Data to Be Used to Enforce Anti-Abortion Laws

Personal data such as period tracking apps, internet search histories, and call and text logs could be used to prosecute pregnant individuals traveling out of state to get abortions as well as those who help them. Call on Congress to protect our digital privacy.

Rethink Traditional Lawns That Cause Pollution And Water Shortages

Lawns have become ingrained in American culture, but their seeming benefits may be grossly outweighed by the harm they inflict on land, air, and water. Demand community planners weigh the costs of grass upkeep and explore alternatives.

Justice for Teens Endangered and Killed at Reportedly Reckless Nightclubs

A night of celebration transformed into a life-changing and life-ending tragedy for South African teens. At least 21 young people died from unknown causes at a local nightclub. Call for a full investigation into liquor-selling establishments accused of illegally putting young lives at risk.

Don’t Let Ponies Die of Heatstroke at Allegedly Abusive Petting Zoo

Ponies’ lives are reportedly being put at risk in unforgiving heat in the name of entertainment. Urge an end to potentially dangerous pony rides.

Protect Alaskan Wildlands from Ravages of Oil Drilling

A massive new oil drilling project may soon destroy sensitive Arctic ecosystems while making climate change worse. Call on President Biden to honor his word by rejecting this destructive proposal.

Reform Power Hungry Right-Wing Supreme Court

The integrity of American justice is at stake without urgent action. Demand reformation in the processes used to shape the highly influential Supreme Court.

Stop Torturing Dogs and Cats in Gas Chambers

Hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats are euthanized in shelters across America each year. One method of euthanasia is the use of gas chambers to inhumanely kill dozens of animals at once. Ban this cruel practice and free innocent dogs and cats from this immense suffering.

Save Hippos From Extinction Due to Illegal Poaching

Innocent hippos are being slaughtered for their skins. Demand these incredible animals be protected from poaching and other threats to their existence.

Stop Letting Polluters Off the Hook With Carbon Credit Shams

Australia’s solution to the climate crisis is receiving big-money payouts from polluters while getting little actual benefit in return. Their carbon credit program may actually be enabling climate change. Call for a full review and reform of this misleading government-led scam.

Stop Tearing Young Puppies and Kittens Away From Their Mothers Too Soon

Puppies and kittens are often prematurely taken from their mothers and littermates, resulting in an onset of temperamental and health issues later on in life. Support a ban on selling these young animals when under 8 weeks old.

Stop Discriminating Against Certain Dog Breeds

Many innocent dogs may never find a loving home, thanks to bans on owning certain “dangerous” breeds. This results in countless Pit Bulls and other dogs that fit a breed stereotype being euthanized. Demand an end to this unfair practice today.

Provide Aid in Aftermath of Earthquake That Killed and Injured Thousands

A killer earthquake has compounded the humanitarian crisis in an already-suffering Afghanistan. Demand restoration of aid to these grieving and shattered communities.

Stop Letting Poachers Off the Hook for Slaughtering Animals

Hundreds of millions of animals are illegally killed, trapped, or trafficked as part of the global wildlife trade industry. In the U.S., poachers barely receive a slap on the wrist for these crimes. Sign this petition to demand much stiffer penalties for poachers.

Stop Mass Killing of Wildlife by U.S. Government

Nearly 2 million animals ranging from red-winged blackbirds to the nearly extinct Mexican gray wolf have been killed in culls backed by U.S. Wildlife Services. Demand this federally funded agency stop slaughtering wildlife.

Stop Climate Change From Killing Black Women and Children

Black women in the United States are experiencing a maternal mortality crisis driven by climate disparities. Call on Nancy Pelosi to stop these injustices and end the crisis.

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