Protect Endangered Species From Congress

Congress is targeting the Endangered Species Act for destruction. From manatees to humpback whales and sea lions, these animals depend on this Act for their continued existence, but Congress doesn’t seem to care. Sign this petition to tell Congress to halt their attempts to dismantle the Endangered Species Act.

Don’t Give Away Our Public Lands to Private Companies

Congress is trying to give away public lands to drilling, logging and mining interests. Our public lands are shared resources and must be protected, not given away to private companies.

Reject Government Budget That Attacks the EPA

Trump’s proposed budget will drastically cut the EPA’s funds. But the EPA’s budget is already about as low as it can get—it accounts for just 0.22% of the federal budget. Demand that these attacks on environmental protection be stopped.

Tell Mitch McConnell to Obey the Constitution

The President shall appoint new justices to the U.S. Supreme Court, according to the Constitution. Tell Senate Leader Mitch McConnell to do his job and allow a Supreme Court appointment.

Allow Gay Couple to Escape Persecution

After fleeing persecution in Iran, two gay men were exiled to an island where they face continued harassment and risks to their safety. Support allowing this couple to find a safe sanctuary in a country where LGBT rights are protected.

Help Children With Deadly Sickle Cell Disease

Sickle cell disease can cut young lives short, but with the right medical treatment children diagnosed with this dangerous illness can still thrive. Support giving sickle cell patients the help they need.

Help Kids Succeed in School

Education and early literacy can break the cycle of poverty, but too many children never get the support they need. Stand up for programs that help kids thrive in school.

Protect Social Security for Retirees

Millions of retirees rely on social security to make ends meet. Make the presidential candidates take a position on protecting social security, by asking how they would defend this important program at the next debate.

Promote Peace, Not War

Years spent waging failed wars have left us no safer than before, and created conditions that give rise to terrorist groups. Support real solutions to global conflict and an end to failed military policies.

Defend Women’s Health and the Right to Choose

The right to choose a safe abortion is coming under attack nationwide. Fight back against politicians who want to control women’s choices about their own bodies and health.

Help Refugees Find Safe Homes

Refugees fleeing war and violence too often end up with no safe place where their families can take shelter. Support giving refugees a chance to find safe homes in a new country.

Help Create Jobs Through Recycling

Countries like India are choking on trash, but recycling programs can clean up the environment while providing good jobs. Support community recycling efforts.

Raise The Minimum Wage This Election Season

American workers deserve higher wages and better working conditions. Pledge to support workers’ rights and a $15 per hour minimum wage during this election cycle.

End Misleading Supermarket Prices

Misleading price tags designed to trick consumers are being used by major supermarkets. Protect shoppers from dishonest deals and support fair and accurate pricing.

Stop Child Slavery at the Super Bowl

Children are at risk of being kidnapped and sold into sex slavery before and during the Super Bowl. Call on authorities to crack down on human trafficking, and prevent this celebratory day from becoming an occasion for tragedy.

Stop Mutilating Children With Explosive Weapons

Too many innocent children and families have been maimed, mutilated, and killed by explosive weapons targeting civilian areas. Don’t let these human rights violations continue.

Protect Millions of People From Devastating Climate Change

Disastrous floods, droughts, and extreme weather caused by climate change will hit many of the world’s poorest people the hardest. Support giving crucial climate aid to the communities who need it most.

Save the Grand Canyon From Mining and Logging

Logging, uranium mining, and other dirty industrial projects threaten waterways that flow into the Grand Canyon. Protect this precious area from pollution before it’s too late.

Stop Online Dating Site Scammers

Scammers are cheating Americans out of tens of millions of dollars by using online dating sites. Tell major sites to take action and crack down on online dating fraud.

Protect Homeless Kids From Human Traffickers

Homeless children are being targeted by the horrific sex trafficking industry, but enacting a new law could help save them from this terrible fate. Speak up now to keep kids out of the hands of traffickers.

Cut Pollution From Giant Trucks

Giant heavy-duty trucks are major polluters and consumers of oil. Support requiring trucks to go farther on each gallon of gas, and help protect clean air and the global climate.

Stand Up for Science in Government

We need science-based policies that protect our health and the global environment. Urge candidates running for President to support good science in government.

Protect Marine Life With Smart Offshore Wind

Healthy marine ecosystems and a clean energy future can coexist when offshore wind projects are planned right. Support smart planning for offshore wind.

Don’t Jail Human Rights Activist

After revealing slave-like working conditions and other human rights abuses on pineapple farms, a labor rights activist was arrested and targeted by the Thai government. Don’t let this whistleblower be sent to jail.

Stop Climate Change Now

It’s time to come together and save the planet from global warming and climate change. Speak up to call for a strong global climate agreement.

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