Don’t Give Away Our Public Lands to Private Companies

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  1. Our public lands are not for sale.

  2. It’s not our land!

  3. sara rahbar says:

    This is soooo wrong !!!

  4. We have to keep these lands for our children and generations to come to enjoy!!

  5. These lands belong to the people, not corporations

  6. Sydney Bialek says:

    Public land is not yours to sell or give away. It is not for corporations to use and deplete.

  7. We cannot keep selling off our earth… Greed cannot dictate the way we care about the planet, Or don’t care for it! Remember we are not the only one’s here! Every creature deserves it part of the natural world, and to have their habitats… What are we teaching our children?!! Money and greed above all else?!! Please leave nature intact for our children and their children and all the generations to come….

    • I agree. Greed has been a part of this Earth for a long time. As humans we need to stop being so greedy, and stop giving in to the Almighty dollar. As the saying goes, “money is the root to all evil.” How true. No one cares about the planet anymore. It’s all about money! We need to get back to basics where our environment, and our lives really matter. Not be slaves to some big corporation that’s going to strip our lands of all its natural wealth, and wildlife. Say NO to Big Corporations, and Yes to our Planet. Also vote for people who really give a damn about the people and the environment, not some money-hungry, arrogant CEO like Trump, who only cares about himself, and just says things to make himself look good for the camera. Get rid of people like him, and replace him with people who really care!

  8. Lesley Adamson says:

    We need to keep our land in public hands. We have no say about what happens if it sold to private companies.Too much has gone already.

  9. Lesley Adamson says:

    Don’t sell our public land.

  10. They are Public lands. Corporations only want access for more share holder profits. The people and the environment must come first.

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