Articles written by: Nick Engelfried

Young Activists Fighting Against Climate Devastation Need Our Support

A wave of youth-led activism has upended the politics of climate change and given us a shot at a livable future, as described in a new, groundbreaking book. Learn more about this mass grassroots uprising and support young people fighting the climate crisis.

Procter & Gamble Must Stop Destroying the Earth’s Forests

The maker of Gillette, Dawn soap, Oral-B, and more, is razing forests, adding to climate change, and obliterating wildlife habitat in the planet’s last biodiversity strongholds. Tell Procter & Gamble to stop this destruction.

Ban Oil Drilling Off Coast in Wake of Latest Disastrous Spill

Another catastrophic oil spill has devastated wildlife and communities, coating California beaches in toxic petroleum. Help prevent future such disasters by permanently banning oil drilling in this sensitive region.

Congress: Act Now to Prevent Catastrophic Climate Change

After a devastating year of heat waves, hurricanes, floods, and other extreme weather disasters, the costs of inaction on climate change are clearer than ever. Tell leaders in Congress to prioritize climate action in the reconciliation bill.

Vista Outdoor: Don’t Invest in Tool for Mass Shootings

The owner of Camelbak and Giro just announced a massive investment in the notorious maker of the AR-15 military style weapon. Tell this company to stop selling tools of war to mass murderers.

Black Diamond: Stop Propping Up the Gun Industry

If you buy outdoor gear from Black Diamond, your dollars may be helping finance the manufacture of ammunition designed to kill. In an age of mass shootings, no company that assists us in enjoying the outdoors should be involved in the gun industry. Tell Black Diamond’s parent company to divest from Sierra Bullets.

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