Justice for Dogs Allegedly Tortured With Brass Knuckles and Frying Pans

Target: Kevin Barton, District Attorney of the Washington County, Arkansas

Goal: Demand strict legal action against person accused of torturing two dozen dogs.

In a horrifying case of alleged animal cruelty, Vikki Davidson, 36, from Fayetteville, Arkansas, was arrested after police seized 24 dogs from her residence. Responding to a dog bite call on June 20, officers discovered a scene of alleged neglect and abuse. The dogs, including 11 newborn puppies, were reportedly found malnourished and without water in a house shut off by the city a month earlier. Reportedly, the overwhelming stench of urine and dog feces was so intense that officers had to leave the premises.

The report details the grim reality: two dogs were allegedly immediately euthanized due to their dire conditions, and one dog had even allegedly cannibalized a puppy. Several other dogs had reportedly died prior to the police intervention, with one found in a cooler and others buried in the yard, including one that was partially eaten.

Further investigations revealed allegations of severe abuse. Davidson reportedly tortured the dogs by punching them with brass knuckles and frying pans, and kicking the smaller ones, resulting in improperly healed broken bones. Take stringent legal action and better animal welfare enforcement.


Dear DA Kevin Barton,

I am writing to express my deep concern and outrage over the recent animal cruelty case involving Vikki Davidson in Fayetteville. The arrest following the discovery of 24 allegedly severely neglected and abused dogs at her residence has shocked and appalled many.

The police report describes an appalling situation where dogs were allegedly malnourished, left without water, and subjected to horrific abuse. The details are deeply disturbing: dogs allegedly punched with brass knuckles and frying pans, kicked and left with broken bones, and the finding of dead dogs, one in a cooler and others buried, with one partially eaten.

The severity of this alleged cruelty calls for immediate and stringent legal action. While Davidson has been arrested, it is crucial to ensure she faces the full extent of the law for these heinous acts. Furthermore, stricter regulations and monitoring mechanisms must be implemented to prevent such incidents in the future and protect vulnerable animals.

I urge you to take decisive action to prosecute Vikki Davidson to the fullest extent of the law. This case must serve as a strong message that such cruelty will not be tolerated. Ensuring justice for these animals and preventing future abuse is paramount.

Your swift and strong intervention in this matter is essential to safeguard animal welfare and uphold the principles of justice and compassion in our community.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Vikki is insane. To do what she did is mentally insane. Brass knuckles, frying pans? Kicking small dogs and causing grave harm to the animals and yet no care for their pain? Vikki needs to feel the same pain. We are always asking for stronger animal welfare but nothing is ever done. Nothing! Lawyers are not interested, no judges either. This woman won’t get better and is an expensive drag on society. We have to pay for her upkeep. Why? If we must pay then throw her in prison where she belongs for life! I don’t know how these people come to be the way they are or how they live the way they do. Many are harmed by the loss of homes, jobs, or medical circumstances and don’t do what this woman has done. If we can’t kill her then throw her in prison. Society doesn’t want her.

  2. Irene Leggett says:

    Just put this vile, psychotic piece of shit to death or leave her to rot in a cell. Its time the justice system started to punish ALL animal abusers properly without any pathetic excuses.

  3. Bitch is cruel and heartless. Please give her max punishments, long jail time, hefty fine and no contact with animals for life!

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