Demand Stricter Punishment for Man Who Kicked Dog to Death

Target: Mr. Iqbal Singh Chahal, IAS, Additional Chief Secretary in the Maharashtra Chief Minister’s office, India

Goal: Ensure stricter penalties for individuals responsible for severe animal cruelty and enforce stronger animal welfare regulations.

In a recent case of alleged animal cruelty in Mumbai, a court fined Kailash Singh ₹30,000 ($365) for kicking a female dog to death. The court, under Judge Ruchi Bhagat, found Singh guilty under IPC Section 429 and sections 11(1)(a) and 11(1)(1) of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. This incident occurred on Mira Road, where Singh kicked the dog, leading to its death. CCTV footage provided crucial evidence, corroborating the incident and showing Singh’s actions that led to the dog’s tragic demise.

The court’s judgment emphasized that Singh’s actions were deliberate and made with the knowledge that they could result in the dog’s death. The prosecution successfully proved the offenses beyond reasonable doubt, leading to Singh’s conviction. However, while this judgment is a positive step towards animal welfare, the fine of ₹30,000 ($365) seems insufficient considering the severity of the crime.

Animal cruelty is a significant issue that demands severe punishment to deter such behavior. The emotional and physical pain inflicted on the dog is unimaginable, and the punishment should reflect the gravity of the offense. Stricter penalties would send a clear message that society does not tolerate such inhumane actions. Take immediate action to impose stricter punishment for animal cruelty and ensure the well-being of animals.


Dear Mr. Chahal,

A recent case in Mumbai has highlighted a deeply troubling instance of animal cruelty. Kailash Singh was fined ₹30,000 ($365) for kicking a female dog to death. The court found Singh guilty, with evidence supported by CCTV footage. While this judgment is a step in the right direction, it underscores the urgent need for even stricter penalties to deter such cruelty and protect the welfare of animals in our community.

Animal cruelty is a serious offense that should be met with severe punishment. The emotional and physical pain inflicted on the dog is unimaginable. The current fine does not adequately address the severity of the crime. Stricter penalties are necessary to send a clear message that society will not tolerate such inhumane actions.

We urge you to ensure stricter punishment for individuals responsible for severe animal cruelty. Take immediate action to prevent such cruelty and safeguard animals in our city. Strengthening animal welfare laws and ensuring their enforcement will help protect the rights and well-being of animals.


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  1. Irene Leggett says:

    No doubt the court in INDIA were quite happy to give such a pathetic punishment of the heinous abuse of an innocent dog. The government and officials don’t give a s**t about animal welfare and, actively ENCOURAGE the vile, deranged, psychotic masses of INDIA to inflict heinous abuse onto these innocent dogs.

  2. Michelle Taylor says:

    This evil,mentally deranged dog killing scumbag requires instigation of the death penalty and nothing less. A slow and agonizing death is essential!

  3. India is a horrible shithole! Dead rats shouldn’t have to reside there. A monster kicks an innocent dog to death and is fined basically nothing. Wipe that monster filled dung hole off the planet. But evacuate the animals first.

  4. I have no respect for any country which allows such treatment to their animals. I also don’t have respect for a country where religion was paramount but now is dissipated. Religion speaks of love, kindness and peace. Men are excused for rape of women, children, and animals. Such men need to be executed!
    This man can kick a dog to death. The same should be done to him. If not, he will do it again!

  5. goh maria says:

    Such a light penalty for brutally killing a life. Judge Ruchi Bhagat, you are a disgrace. I hope Mr. Iqbal Singh Chahal, IAS, Additional Chief Secretary takes animal cruelty seriously because their lives matter too!

  6. Alice Knight says:

    This punishment is not going to deter anyone from committing this act of animal cruelty or animal death. A 365 dollar fine is not an acceptable punishment. He needs to be held highly accountable for this criminal abuse.

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