Demand Stricter Penalties for Breeder Who Allegedly Abused Nursing Dog

Target: Mr. Chris Humphreys, Crown Prosecution Service, South West, United Kingdom

Goal: Investigate and ensure stricter penalties for the individual allegedly responsible for abusing a nursing dog, and enforce stronger animal welfare regulations.

In Cornwall, animal lovers are expressing outrage over the lenient fine received by Sharon Jeannine Gladwell, who allegedly kicked and punched a nursing dog named Trust. Trust was purchased as a puppy under an agreement to return to Gladwell for breeding. In July 2021, while monitoring the whelping room cameras, Trust’s owner reportedly witnessed Gladwell kicking and punching the dog as she lay with her litter of eight puppies. Gladwell pleaded guilty to two offences under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and was sentenced on June 18 at Bodmin Magistrates’ Court.

This incident highlights the urgent need for stricter enforcement of animal welfare laws to prevent such cruelty and ensure justice for the animals involved. Take stringent measures to hold individuals accountable for alleged animal abuse and ensure the well-being of animals in our community.


Dear Mr. Chris Humphreys,

A recent case in Cornwall has brought to light a deeply disturbing instance of alleged animal cruelty. Sharon Jeannine Gladwell was fined for allegedly kicking and punching a nursing dog named Trust. The dog’s owner apparently witnessed the abuse through whelping room cameras and reported the incident to the RSPCA. Gladwell pleaded guilty to two offences under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

This case underscores the urgent need for stricter enforcement of animal welfare laws. We urge you to ensure a thorough investigation and impose stricter penalties on those allegedly responsible. Immediate action is necessary to prevent such cruelty and protect the welfare of animals in our community.


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Photo credit: Animals Abused & Abandoned


  1. The whole world needs stronger animal rights! Animal welfare is none existent. People worldwide are insane. They take out on animals for what they lack in themselves. We don’t share food and have become so selfish. People are cruel wanting everything little thing for themselves. Killing contest waste animal lives but try to tell that to the ignorant. People do harm knowingly and don’t give a damn they hurt animals who can not protect themselves. There is no kindness left in this sorry world. Maybe with this attitude we won’t miss the planet once it’s gone … along with us. Thanks to those. scum, who made it possible and enforced it.

  2. I have always held England in the highest regard especially with regard to animals. This story removes that position. A nursing dog need not be kicked and punched. What a betrayal. The whole world needs stricter animal welfare and then enforce it! Our human compassion is in the toilet. We must revive it if at all possible. Humans worldwide are torturing and abusing animals. When will we once again care what happens to others be they human or animal? We are forced to face the climate crises, ur own greed, and a changing world we are not prepared to live in and function in. We are lost people. I can only demand people doing this to innocent animals be held accountable and punished.

  3. goh maria says:

    This cruel bitch Sharon Jeannine Gladwell deserves the harshest penalties (long jailterm and a heavy fine) for bullying and abusing an innocent helpless nursing dog. God knows how many more she will abuse since she is a breeder therefore please also ban her permanently from ever laying her bloody hands on another animal or pet again!

    • goh maria says:

      Poor baby and pups has blood and wounds all over her T.T. Please rehome her and her babies to good loving homes they so deserve.

  4. Karen Wonnell says:

    If authorities wont stop this cunt then vigilantes must. This just cannot be allowed. Gladwell needs to feel the pain she inflicted on this innocent mother, lose her license and get gone and never be able to even look at an animal let alone breed them. What a sorry excuse for a human. The owner and friends should have intervened and let good old Gladwell feel the pain 10 fold.

  5. Alice K Knight says:

    I am truly beyond words. What possesses individuals to commit such violence towards animals. I do hope Sharon Gladwell will never have the opportunity to have the privilege of ever owning a dog in this or any other life time. I do hope all the puppies and Trust will receive loving and compassionate homes.

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