Demand Justice for Chickens Allegedly Subjected to Drowning Ritual

Target: Mr. Bheki Cele, Minister of Police, South Africa

Goal: Investigate and ensure strict penalties for individuals allegedly responsible for the cruel treatment of chickens, and enforce stronger animal welfare regulations.

In a deeply disturbing incident, three chickens were allegedly subjected to a horrific act of cruelty, narrowly escaping death thanks to the vigilance of an alert bystander and the swift intervention of a Tableview Community Policing Forum (CPF) representative. The bystander reportedly noticed the chickens, with their legs bound, being placed in the ocean just beyond the shoreline, where waves repeatedly broke over them. This act was allegedly part of a ritual cleansing ceremony.

Inspector Rowan Davids of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA responded immediately, seizing the three broiler hens. Two of the chickens were reportedly on the brink of death. They were rushed to the nearest veterinary clinic, where emergency first aid was administered. The chickens were then transported to the SPCA’s animal hospital for ongoing care, as there remains a very real threat of pneumonia developing.

While South Africa’s Constitution guarantees the freedom of religion, all practices must comply with the law. The Animals Protection Act No. 71 of 1962 and the City of Cape Town By-Laws regulate the humane treatment of animals, even in religious contexts. The SPCA oversees the practice of religious slaughter to ensure it complies with the law, respecting the constitution and the beliefs of all South Africans.

The two women involved in the incident were arrested and charged with animal cruelty at the Tableview Police Station. They remain in custody and are scheduled to make their first appearance in the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court today. Take stringent measures to hold individuals accountable for alleged neglect and ensure the safety and well-being of animals.


Dear Mr. Bheki Cele,

A recent incident in South Africa has highlighted a deeply disturbing case of alleged animal cruelty. Three chickens were reportedly subjected to a cruel drowning ritual, with their legs bound and placed in the ocean. Thanks to the vigilance of an alert bystander and swift action by a Tableview Community Policing Forum representative, the chickens were rescued, though two were reportedly on the brink of death.

This incident underscores the urgent need for strict enforcement of animal welfare laws. While respecting the constitutional right to freedom of religion, it is crucial that all practices comply with humane treatment regulations. We urge you to ensure a thorough investigation and hold those allegedly responsible accountable. Immediate action is necessary to prevent such cruelty and to protect the welfare of animals in South Africa.


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Photo credit: PickPik

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  1. Religion rituals are like cult practices, cruel, heartless, callous, brutal, inhumane. They should be totally banned in this day and age. Please make these practices that involve killing and torturing of living beings illegal and charge the offenders with capital felony charges in your country and worldwide!

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