Demand Justice for Family Pets Allegedly Tortured and Killed With Crowbar

Target: Kim Ogg, District Attorney of Harris County

Goal: Prosecute and ensure severe penalties for the alleged brutal mistreatment of family pets.

A shocking incident in Harris County has left a local family and community in distress. On February 19th, video footage allegedly captured a man, Carlos Antonio Cerros-Aleman, engaging in severe cruelty against various animals at a family’s property. The most emotionally gripping details include the man allegedly chasing and brutally attacking these animals with a crowbar. Among the reported victims were a pig named Bacon, six chickens, and two goats named S’mores and Brownie, with Brownie suffering a lost eye and horn.

Further distressing is the reported killing of a rooster, which Cerros-Aleman is said to have strangled and beaten to death. Court documents report that the suspect confessed his actions were motivated by a desire to return to his home country, yet this bizarre reasoning does nothing to mitigate the apparent cruelty inflicted upon these defenseless animals. The footage, captured by home security cameras, provides chilling evidence of these alleged acts, adding to the severity of the incident.

The necessity for legal action is clear and urgent. These acts of alleged cruelty not only caused irreparable harm to the animals and their owners but also violated societal norms and legal standards against animal abuse. Ensure that the fullest extent of the law is applied in prosecuting Cerros-Aleman, sending a resolute message against animal cruelty.


Dear DA Kim Ogg,

We, a concerned community, urgently call your attention to a grave incident of alleged animal cruelty that occurred in Harris County, as captured on video this past February. The footage reportedly shows Carlos Antonio Cerros-Aleman in a horrifying display of violence against multiple family pets, including the brutal killing of a family goat and a rooster, among other beloved animals.

The details of this case are not only deeply disturbing but also indicative of a profound disregard for life and the laws designed to protect it. This man’s alleged actions, as reportedly shown in the video, involved chasing, attacking, and killing innocent animals in a manner that shocks the conscience. The emotional and physical damage reportedly inflicted upon these animals demands a robust legal response to hold the perpetrator accountable and to deter similar future offenses.

We implore you to ensure that Carlos Antonio Cerros-Aleman faces the maximum penalties under the law for his alleged actions, reflecting the seriousness of the offenses and the community’s demand for justice. Our legal system must respond forcefully to such acts of cruelty to uphold the values of compassion and justice for all living beings.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Vjeran Pavic


  1. Throw the sick bastard in jail

  2. Throw this POS under the jail… don’t send him back he to his country he will just sneak back in… Biden should have NEVER opened the floodgates and let these people in… get well sweet babies.. I’m sorry you were hurt by subhuman slime…

  3. This sicko is so sick in the mind that he must never be allowed to be free to roam the streets! His cruel and heartless acts will progress to killing children in future if he is left off easily!

    He needs to be locked up for good, away from living beings especially helpless animals. Carlos Antonio Cerros-Aleman’s permanent place of abode is a jail cell filled with rapists or anti animal abusers!

  4. Millie O'Connor says:

    The laws for animal abuse need to be much stricter. Why is it taking so long to get these laws in place? It needs to be as harsh as doing this to humans and being held accountable. Animals are living beings that feel pain exactly as people feel pain. When will the justice system get on board with handing out the same punishment to animal abusers/killers as those who kill a human being.
    This POS scum deserves the exact same thing as what he inflicted on these innocent fur/feather babies. I’d be more than happy to do the same to him. Anybody care to join me?

  5. Sherry Akridge says:

    Carlos Antonio Cerros-Aleman needs to be locked away! Disgusting psychopath murderer! He deserves to never walk free again! It is absolutely disgusting what these psychopaths do every day to animals!
    The laws, the punishments that are handed down, are ridiculous. Animal abuse is constantly on the rise, but the laws never change. These psychopaths get a slap on the wrist, and are set free to abuse and kill again! Absolutely disgusting the world we live in.

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