Stand Up For 11 Dogs Found Dead in Creek

Target: José Garza, District Attorney of Travis County, Texas

Goal: Ensure rigorous investigation and legal action against the perpetrators of this heinous cruelty to eleven dogs.

The appalling discovery of nearly a dozen lifeless dogs in a South Austin creek has sparked outrage and deep sorrow within the community. These animals, seemingly subjected to severe mistreatment, were found by residents who were compelled to hold a memorial in their honor. This incident not only highlights a grave act of animal cruelty but also raises significant concerns about safety and morality in our community.

Eyewitness accounts and a video taken near the site show the disturbing scene at South Boggy Creek, where the dogs were found. The local community, shaken by this event, has voiced their distress and disbelief. The involvement of Austin’s animal cruelty unit and animal protection in gathering evidence underlines the severity of the situation, yet the community demands more than just an investigation—they seek assurance that justice will be served.

It is imperative that this crime not go unpunished. We demand that those responsible for this cruelty be held accountable under the law. Call for a clear, strong, and immediate response to uphold justice and protect our community’s moral fabric.


Dear DA José Garza,

We are writing to you not just as concerned citizens but as voices for the voiceless—the eleven dogs whose lives were taken in a despicable act of cruelty in South Austin. The shocking discovery of their bodies in a creek has deeply affected our community, and it highlights an urgent need for justice and a thorough response from your office.

According to reports from residents and evidence gathered, these dogs suffered immensely. This case involves severe neglect or abuse that no creature should ever endure. We implore you to prioritize this investigation and to use every resource at your disposal to uncover the truth and bring those responsible to justice. This investigation must be thorough, transparent, and swift to ensure that the perpetrators are not allowed to harm another innocent life.

We demand that your office not only pursue all leads but also communicate openly with the community about the progress of this case. The citizens of Austin need to know that their concerns are taken seriously and that their safety, and that of their animal companions, is a priority. Please let this case serve as a turning point in how animal cruelty is treated in our community.


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Photo credit: kris krüg

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  1. Put them in jail

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