Seek Justice for Nine Companion Dogs Allegedly Neglected to Death

Target: Kyle L. Stone, Stark County Prosecutor of Ohio

Goal: Prosecute and penalize the individual accused of the severe mistreatment leading to the deaths of nine dogs.

Allegations have emerged from Stark County, where law enforcement discovered the bodies of nine dogs on a local property, under conditions suggesting severe neglect or abuse. This incident, reportedly uncovered during a search operation, highlights alleged criminal acts against companion animals, and the community and advocates are calling for justice. Reportedly, the property, appearing vacant, harbored this grim scene both inside and outside, indicating a prolonged period of neglect.

Further investigation led to the identification and arrest warrant issuance for Tome Stambolziovski, the property owner, now facing eight felony charges related to the prohibition concerning companion animals. These charges suggest a disturbing disregard for the well-being and humane treatment of animals, which under Ohio law, are protected against such cruel treatment. Allegedly, the conditions that led to the demise of these animals reflect a significant violation of these protections.

The necessity for legal intervention is clear. These animals relied on human care and protection, which they were cruelly denied if allegations were held. Pursue this case with the severity it warrants, ensuring that justice is served, preventing future atrocities, and upholding the law.


Dear Prosecutor Kyle L. Stone,

We bring to your attention a deeply troubling situation involving the alleged severe mistreatment of animals in Jackson Township, where police found nine deceased dogs on a property following a tip-off about possible animal cruelty. The facts of this case paint a grim picture of alleged neglect and abuse, demanding your immediate and decisive action.

The owner of the property, Tome Stambolziovski, is charged with multiple felony counts, indicating a grave breach of duty to these companion animals. The details of this case, as reported by the authorities and the Stark County Humane Society, suggest that these animals suffered significantly under his care. We implore you to take swift and stern action to ensure such alleged cruelty is met with appropriate legal consequences.

As concerned citizens, we urge you to prosecute these alleged offenses vigorously to serve as a deterrent against such behavior and to reflect the community’s commitment to justice and animal welfare. Your role in addressing this matter is crucial in setting a precedent that animal cruelty will not be tolerated and will be met with the full force of the law.


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Photo credit: Alan Shearman


  1. Jail for good

  2. Paula L Cartwright says:

    Life in prison so he does not get another chance!!

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