Shut Down Suspected Brutal Dog-Fighting Ring

Target: New Jersey Attorney General Matthew Platkin

Goal: Ensure rigorous prosecution of those allegedly involved in the dog-fighting ring and uphold animal protection laws.

In a shocking revelation, a recent police sting has allegedly exposed a prolific dog-fighting operation, believed to be among the top in the US. The main suspect, Bruce Low Jr., and several alleged associates are facing numerous charges. These charges stem from their suspected involvement in a cruel network that reportedly forced dogs into gruesome fights, with some animals found in dire physical conditions, signaling an apparent violation of both legal and ethical standards.

Authorities uncovered this operation across three properties in New Jersey, revealing over 120 dogs in varying states of neglect and abuse. Many of these animals reportedly bore scars and injuries indicative of repeated and severe mistreatment. Some were found with missing limbs and apparently untreated wounds, underlining the sheer brutality of the alleged activities. This extensive operation not only highlights a blatant disregard for animal welfare but also the disturbing extent of organized crime within the underground dog-fighting community.

The call for justice is loud and urgent. The evidence presented, including the poor condition of the rescued animals and the nature of the alleged crimes, demands a robust legal response. This case represents not only a significant breach of animal welfare laws but also highlights broader societal issues regarding the treatment of animals and the shadowy underworld of illegal gambling and organized crime. Address these allegations with the full force of the law to deter future atrocities and uphold societal values of compassion and justice.


Dear Attorney General Platkin,

We, the undersigned, urge you to take decisive action against the alleged perpetrators of the dog-fighting ring recently uncovered in your jurisdiction. The details of this case, as reported, paint a harrowing picture of cruelty and lawlessness that demands a strong and immediate response. The alleged suffering endured by over 120 dogs, as found during the sting operation, is unconscionable and represents a clear violation of both the spirit and letter of our animal protection laws.

The scale and brutality of the alleged dog-fighting network, described by authorities, suggest a deeply entrenched criminal enterprise that exploits animals for profit. Such actions should not only be condemned but also prosecuted with the utmost seriousness to reflect the heinous nature of the alleged crimes. We call on your office to ensure that this case is treated with the severity it warrants, leading to rigorous prosecution and appropriate sentencing for all individuals involved.

As we move forward, let this case serve as a precedent for handling similar offenses, affirming New Jersey’s commitment to justice and animal welfare. We must send a clear message that such barbaric practices have no place in our society and that those responsible for such egregious acts will face the full consequences of their actions.


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Photo credit: Paul VanDerWert

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  1. Dear A.G. Platkin,
    We’ve been here million times yet nothing is done! This IS against the law now but people sit and pick their noses as to what to do. Surely there is a way to arrest these people, have them stand trial, and end up placing them in prison. Dogs are SUFFERING! No one cares. America is a land of laws but no justice! Dogs are missing limbs but thrown in a ring to fight? These are not people. They are not animals as animals do have ethics! These remaining dogs need help, please get it for them. These thugs must pay for the medical assistance and care for these dogs. Tax payers should not have to cover costs for criminals. Strip their bank accounts, place leans on their homes but get the money to help these poor dogs. Do not stop at taking their homes. I feel sorry for the families but the law demands it! New Jersey had this problem a few months ago. I appreciate the police sting operation but where is the follow through? Where is the law??? No wonder this continues as you make it a walk in the park for the perps. Let’s change that. Let’s make it hell on earth for these monsters.

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