Seek Justice for Emaciated Dog Allegedly Locked in Cage Surrounded by Own Waste

Target: Alan Wilson, Attorney General of South Carolina

Goal: Ensure those allegedly responsible for Marley’s suffering face legal consequences.

In Greer, South Carolina, a grave situation involving an emaciated pit bull mix, Marley, has come to light through social media. Alleged images of Marley locked in a cage, surrounded by what seemed to be her own waste, are deeply disturbing. These allegations suggest severe neglect and potential violation of state animal cruelty laws.

Additional information sought under the Freedom of Information Act may shed more light on Marley’s situation and the investigation’s progress. Allegations include the dog’s euthanasia under questionable circumstances by her owner. This case touches upon the very essence of South Carolina’s legal framework against animal ill-treatment, which explicitly prohibits depriving animals of necessary sustenance or shelter.

The alleged inaction by local authorities in this pressing matter calls for immediate and firm legal action. Marley’s case is not just about one animal but symbolizes the broader issue of animal welfare and the enforcement of laws designed to protect the defenseless. Seek justice for Marley and stringent enforcement of animal cruelty laws to ensure no other animal suffers a similar fate.


Dear Attorney General Alan Wilson,

We write to you deeply concerned about the allegations surrounding a pit bull mix named Marley in Greer, South Carolina. Images that have surfaced online suggest Marley was kept in harrowing conditions, confined in a cage surrounded by her own excrement, and later allegedly euthanized by her owner. These alleged acts may represent a clear breach of South Carolina’s animal cruelty laws, which demand serious attention and action.

The community relies on its leaders and law enforcers to uphold the law and protect all its constituents, humans and animals alike. Allegations of such neglect and cruelty must be met with a thorough investigation and appropriate legal action. We urge you to ensure that the investigation into Marley’s case is completed diligently and that any substantiated wrongdoing leads to prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

We request your immediate intervention to hold those allegedly responsible accountable and to reinforce the importance of animal welfare laws in South Carolina. This case not only tests our commitment to justice but also our compassion for the most vulnerable. We look forward to your prompt action in this distressing matter.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Suzanne Phillips

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  1. The owner of Marley isn’t human. To force a dog to suffer as Marley suffered and then to kill the animal is beyond evil. I hope this person isn’t around children. South Carolina needs to step up to meet the standards of protecting both animals and children as they can not speak or fight for themselves. The plight of Marley was shown on Facebook and other sites? Yet not one damn thing was done? America is the land of laws and no justice! That has to change along with South Carolina. If the laws are not enforced … why have them? States assume the responsibility to decide for women about abortions and dogs living in feces with monsters to care for them and nothing is done. To me both these issues show that states are not prepared, responsible, mature or intelligent enough to do any of this.

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