Baby Monkey Reportedly Held by Neck and Doused With Water Deserves Justice

Target: Sam Al, Minister of Environment, Cambodia

Goal: Enforce strict laws against alleged animal abuse to protect Angkor’s macaques.

In recent distressing videos, young macaques at the Angkor UNESCO World Heritage Site reportedly endured abuse for online entertainment. One clip apparently shows a baby monkey struggling as it is held by the neck over a concrete cistern and doused with water. Another reportedly displays disturbing behavior involving a juvenile male macaque at an ancient temple, allegedly for viewer amusement.

The apparent abuse, while not always graphic, appears to stem from a trend where individuals engage closely with these wild monkeys, allegedly to generate online revenue. Long Kosal of APSARA, the overseeing body of the archaeological site, claims these actions not only harm the animals but also disrupt their natural behaviors, making them dependent on human interaction for food and increasingly aggressive.

Address this alleged issue. APSARA currently lacks sufficient tools to prevent such actions; hence, a call for stringent legal measures is crucial. Protect these monkeys and preserve the integrity of this important heritage site.


Dear Sam Al,

We urgently request your intervention at the Angkor UNESCO World Heritage Site, where alarming videos suggest young macaques are being subjected to distressing situations for online videos. These actions reportedly include physical manipulation and intentional provocation of the animals, ostensibly to attract online viewers.

The alleged frequent interaction between YouTubers and these wild animals has purportedly led to numerous issues, including dependency on human-provided food and increased aggression towards tourists. Experts suggest this not only endangers visitors, but also the health and well-being of the monkeys. It’s reported that these animals are becoming more accustomed to human presence, altering their natural behaviors detrimentally.

We, therefore, implore you to enforce stricter legal repercussions for those found engaging in these alleged harmful practices and to empower APSARA with effective measures to halt this disturbing trend. It’s crucial to ensure that the natural habitat and behaviors of these animals are preserved and that Angkor remains a safe, respectful environment for both its wildlife and visitors.


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Photo credit: Wildlife Alliance

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