Demand Justice for Cat Allegedly Tortured to Death

Target: George Gascón, Los Angeles County District Attorney

Goal: Hold Rogelio Diaz accountable for his alleged serial animal abuse, ensuring it ceases immediately.

In a distressing incident in Lawndale, a man, believed to be Rogelio Diaz, was allegedly caught on security footage torturing a neighborhood cat named Mimi. Mimi, who reportedly tried to escape her aggressor’s grip, succumbed to her injuries in a traumatic scene right in her owner’s arms. This alleged act of cruelty not only robbed a family of their beloved pet but also ignited fears concerning the safety of other vulnerable beings in the community.

Mimi’s owner described a harrowing scenario where the cat appeared to be in severe pain, indicative of prolonged torture. Authorities, bolstered by video evidence, suspect Diaz’s involvement not only in this isolated case but potentially in a series of animal abuses across the South Bay. The nature and cruelty of these alleged actions have raised serious concerns and highlight a possible pattern of reprehensible behavior that requires immediate and decisive legal intervention.

The urgency of this petition stems from the necessity to address and prevent any further animal cruelty. By taking swift legal action against Diaz for his alleged crimes, we can serve justice for Mimi and possibly prevent future atrocities. Ensure no more animals suffer under similar horrific circumstances.


Dear DA George Gascón,

We are compelled to write to you after the alleged heinous acts of animal cruelty committed by Rogelio Diaz came to light. It’s alleged that Diaz was captured on security footage torturing Mimi, a local cat, who tragically died from her injuries. This incident, which unfolded in front of Mimi’s distressed owner, is reportedly just one instance in a worrying pattern of similar abuses.

Further investigation by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department hints at Diaz’s involvement in multiple animal abuse cases across various cities in the South Bay. The evidence suggests a disturbing trend of cruelty that cannot go unchecked. Each alleged incident paints a grim picture of the torment inflicted on innocent animals, compelling us to advocate for their voice and welfare.

We urge you to take swift and firm action. Rogelio Diaz must face full legal accountability for his alleged actions to ensure he can no longer pose a threat to any more animals. We seek justice for Mimi and the other unnamed victims of these alleged cruel acts. Our legal system must respond robustly to protect the most vulnerable among us and uphold a standard of compassion and justice.


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Photo credit: Syed Shiyaz Mirza

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