Demand Justice for Reportedly Rampant Animal Cruelty

Target: Nobuo Inada, Prosecutor General of Japan

Goal: Secure justice for the animals allegedly subjected to cruelty and mismanagement.

Alleged incidents of animal cruelty in Japan have hit an all-time high, according to recent data from the National Police Agency. The report highlights a disturbing rise in cases where individuals were questioned or detained under suspicion of violating the Act on Welfare and Management of Animals. With 181 cases reported in 2023 alone, this issue demands immediate and rigorous attention.

Of the 181 cases, a vast majority involved pets – 97 cats and 65 dogs suffered from alleged mistreatment. These animals reportedly faced abandonment, physical injury, and neglect, including insufficient feeding and poor living conditions. The rise in pet ownership during the pandemic and increased public awareness of animal welfare underscore the urgency for better enforcement of existing laws and potentially, the establishment of stricter regulations.

This alarming trend reveals a critical need for robust legal interventions. Authorities must ensure that all alleged acts of cruelty are investigated thoroughly and that those found responsible face appropriate consequences. Advocate for the voiceless and ensure their protection under the law.


Dear Prosecutor General Nobuo Inada,

We are deeply concerned about the distressing rise in alleged animal cruelty cases in Japan, as reported by the National Police Agency. This year alone has seen a record-breaking number of 181 cases, marking a concerning trend that can no longer be overlooked. It is crucial that these allegations are taken seriously and that justice is pursued vigorously to prevent future incidents.

The details of these cases paint a grim picture of reported neglect and abuse. Allegedly, many animals, particularly cats and dogs, have suffered from abandonment, severe injuries, and grossly inadequate care. Such acts of alleged cruelty not only harm the animals but also reflect poorly on our society’s values and its commitment to compassion and justice.

We urge you to take decisive action. It is imperative that every reported incident is thoroughly investigated and that those found in violation of the Act on Welfare and Management of Animals are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. We demand swift, fair, and transparent legal proceedings to address this wave of alleged abuse and to reinforce the seriousness with which our society views animal welfare.


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