Dogs Subjected to Alleged Sexual Abuse Deserve Justice

Target: María Elena Andrade Ramírez, Attorney General of Baja California, Mexico

Goal: Ensure the alleged perpetrators are held accountable and the young victims receive justice.

Three young boys in Mexicali, Baja California, are under investigation following allegations of sexual encounters with dogs, as reported by Attorney General María Elena Andrade Ramírez. Shocking videos allegedly circulating on social media appear to show one of the minors engaging in sexual abuse of a dog. The acts described not only shock the conscience but also raise serious questions about the moral compass of our society and the vulnerabilities of its youngest members.

The details emerging from this case are deeply troubling. Allegedly, two boys, both aged 11, and another aged 13, participated in or recorded these acts. The Attorney General’s statements suggest the younger suspects are undergoing counseling, but the 13-year-old faces potential legal consequences, with a trial as a minor that could lead to 2–5 years in custody. This case has also led to the rescue of five dogs, now receiving care for the trauma they endured.

This situation underscores a broader societal need to address and prevent such alleged behavior, ensuring not only justice for the victims but also appropriate interventions that might prevent future occurrences. Ensure those allegedly involved are held accountable, and that robust measures are in place to protect animals from such heinous acts.


Dear Attorney General María Elena Andrade Ramírez,

We are deeply concerned about the recent allegations concerning the sexual abuse of dogs by minors in Mexicali. This alleged abuse, as detailed in your reports, not only violates legal norms but also basic ethical standards. This case must be handled with the utmost seriousness to ensure justice for the victims and to set a precedent that such behavior will not be tolerated.

Furthermore, while legal proceedings for the minors involved are necessary, we also urge you to consider the broader implications of this case. The community needs strong leadership to navigate this troubling issue, ensuring both justice for the animals and effective rehabilitation for the young individuals involved. We urge you to take comprehensive measures to address this issue, including public education on animal rights and stricter surveillance and penalties for animal abuse.

Lastly, we demand that all efforts be made to expedite the gathering of evidence and the legal processes. Those found guilty must face the appropriate consequences. We also advocate for continued support and monitoring of the affected animals to ensure they recover from their traumatic experiences.


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Photo credit: Frank Tellez


  1. The animals suffering from trauma need assistance. The families of these boys need to pay! The very bills must be paid by the offenders. To stop this, just like the shootings, parents need to be held accountable in a court of law. Society lives under laws for the good of us all. We break the law, we pay. Yet kids are supervised by their parents and the parent don’t see this? These kids did the unthinkable. Do they need mental assistance, yes, but realize they are prone to rape. Now that women have no help given us in rape, I feel the penis of the man or men involved be surgically cut off. Otherwise women might become only rugs for men to wipe their feet on. We have no rights but we can eliminate the problem with surgery!

  2. Irene Leggett says:

    Instead of giving these offenders a pathetic sentence or punishment, make sure that they are surgically castrated as their next victims will be children or women. They are nothing but psychotic creeps.

  3. Alice K Knight says:

    This is absolutely terrifying. All three should be held accountable and serve time and make sure the punishment is a deterrent for others planning to engage in this heinous act of animal cruelty. I am most certain that all three knew what they were doing. I would think the three of them know the difference between what’s right and wrong. Clearly by filming this they were aware of everything. I am afraid if not punished accordingly, they will repeat and do this to other animals or small children. I hope this behaviour will not repeat itself at least from these three.

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