Insist on Justice for Over 100 Cats Allegedly Suffering in Hoarding Incident

Target: Michael Sales, County Attorney of Crosby County, Texas

Goal: Prosecute and punish those allegedly responsible for hoarding and neglecting over a hundred cats.

In Crosby, a harrowing situation was unearthed following a police investigation which led to the discovery and rescue of 101 cats from allegedly deplorable conditions. This case, where the animals were allegedly subjected to neglect and hoarding, was brought to light through coordinated efforts by local law enforcement and humane societies. Reportedly, the cats were living in unsafe conditions, prompting urgent intervention.

Further details reveal that these cats, now under the care of the Tri-County Humane Society, were transported from a residence described by officials as unfit for living. Many of these animals were in dire need of medical attention, a stark indicator of the alleged long-term neglect. The intervention lasted over five hours, showcasing the severity and complexity of the situation.

The necessity for legal action becomes clear in the face of such distressing allegations. Those responsible must be held accountable under the law to prevent future occurrences and to ensure justice for the suffering endured by these cats. They must also receive mental health treatment for the wellbeing of themselves and animals in their care. Take stringent measures to address and deter such alleged acts of animal cruelty.


Dear Attorney Michael Sales,

We bring to your attention a deeply troubling case involving alleged animal cruelty, neglect, and hoarding discovered in Crosby. It has been reported that over a hundred cats were removed from a residence under hazardous conditions, which necessitated a large-scale rescue operation by local authorities and animal welfare organizations.

The details of this case, as reported, indicate a grave scenario where animals suffered extensively due to their living environment. The efforts to care for and rehabilitate these cats post-rescue have been substantial, further underscoring the severity of their alleged mistreatment. This situation not only highlights a significant animal welfare issue but also raises concerns about the effectiveness of current regulations and oversight in preventing such cases.

We, therefore, urge you to take decisive action by ensuring a thorough investigation into this matter and prosecuting those allegedly responsible for the neglect and hoarding of these cats. We also ask that you seek mental health treatment for those found responsible. Justice must be served, both as a deterrent to similar offenses and as a statement of our community’s commitment to animal welfare.


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Photo credit: Geraint Rowland

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