Puppy Severely Burned by Unknown Arsonist Deserves Justice

Target: Jason Anderson, District Attorney of San Bernardino County, California

Goal: Bring to justice those allegedly responsible for the severe burning of Ember, a young puppy.

A distressing incident unfolded in San Bernardino, where a three-month-old Labrador retriever mix, later named Ember, was discovered with severe burns that ravaged her face, ears, and body. Reports from city animal services, responding to distress calls, detail the shocking conditions under which Ember was found at a local veterinary office on April 4. The gravity of her injuries suggests these burns were not accidental but inflicted.

Further adding to the severity, a second puppy of the same age was found abandoned in the vet’s office parking lot, heightening concerns over the treatment of animals in the area. The San Bernardino city officials have posited that the fire causing Ember’s injuries was set intentionally, leading to an ongoing search for the suspects involved. This act, seemingly of malice, has rallied community members and animal advocates to seek justice and ensure such cruelty is not overlooked.

The egregious nature of this alleged crime not only highlights severe animal cruelty but also the urgent need for legal intervention to prevent future atrocities. This petition calls for the prompt and thorough investigation of Ember’s case and the prosecution of those allegedly responsible. Stand against such acts of violence to uphold justice and compassion for all living beings.


Dear DA Jason Anderson,

We write to you not only as concerned citizens but as voices for those who cannot speak for themselves. The recent case of Ember, a three-month-old puppy allegedly subjected to severe burning, has shocked and deeply disturbed our community. This brutal act, as reported, involved deliberate infliction of pain, leading to grievous injuries to Ember’s face, ears, and body, indicative of a cruel intent rather than a mere accident.

The circumstances under which Ember was found, alongside another abandoned puppy, underscore a troubling disregard for animal welfare that must be addressed. It is vital that our legal system responds with the full weight of the law to investigate and, where evidence permits, prosecute those allegedly responsible for such heinous acts. We urge you to prioritize this case, ensuring that it is treated with the seriousness it warrants and that justice is pursued vigorously.

This call for justice is not only about one puppy or even two; it is about setting a precedent that our community does not tolerate cruelty and that those who perpetrate such acts face consequences. We implore you to use your authority to bring those allegedly responsible to account, thereby demonstrating our collective commitment to justice and ethical treatment of all beings.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Hannah Boardman

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  1. This is becoming an every day reality. I hope you find the perps. Possibly they are teens and if so they need to face a court of law. There should be no first time excuses. Teens realize right from wrong. They have tortured a puppy. For the rest of her life she will never be whole but hurt by their intentional acts. The person or persons accountable must pay for the health care of this puppy and the other one as well. For the rest of their horrible lives they must pay! Make them an example of these perps so we can stop these hideous acts. It would be fir to burn these people on their face to single them out to society. Not a bad burn but one that displays what they did to an innocent baby. The world needs to see these horrid creatures for what they are, a walking Satan in a civilized society. If not this then throw them in a mental institution for life.

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