Stand for Dogs Allegedly Living in Distressing Conditions at Adoption Center

Target: Jacob Kamins, Special Prosecutor for Animal Abuse Crimes, Oregon

Goal: Ensure strict legal measures against Samantha Miller for allegedly defying a court-ordered pet ownership ban.

In a disturbing violation of legal restrictions, Samantha Miller, former owner of Woofin Palooza, has reportedly resumed activities associated with pet ownership despite a legal ban. Her past dealings at a reportedly dingy, lethal pet adoption center in Portland led to a legal agreement in 2023 prohibiting her from owning pets for 15 years. However, a recent inspection allegedly uncovered seven dogs in distressing conditions and evidence of cats at her residence in Tillamook County.

Miller’s history with pet-related businesses is marked by repeated shutdowns and serious accusations of mistreatment. Allegedly, her actions defy the constraints set to protect animals from her reported neglect. The discovery at her home suggests a grave disregard for legal agreements and the well-being of the animals in her care. This scenario appears to reflect an ongoing pattern of conduct that disregards the safety and rights of animals.

The necessity of intervention is evident; animals may continue to suffer if these allegations are true. Demand strict enforcement of legal penalties against Samantha Miller for her apparent continuous disregard for judicial mandates regarding animal welfare.


Dear Mr. Kamins,

We write to you amid deeply troubling reports concerning Samantha Miller, whose alleged disregard for legal restrictions on pet ownership has come to light once again. This conduct, if true, suggests a disturbing pattern of behavior that undermines the spirit of the laws designed to protect vulnerable animals from harm. Her recent probation violation, where she allegedly housed multiple dogs and cats despite a legal ban, stands as a testament to her reported indifference towards the judiciary’s mandates.

Furthermore, the conditions in which these animals were found reportedly echo past incidents of reported neglect and mistreatment that led to her initial sentencing. The repeated legal battles and shutdowns of her operations underscore a troubling disregard for both animal welfare and legal obligations. This pattern mustn’t be overlooked but met with stringent legal repercussions to prevent further harm to any more animals.

We urge you to take decisive action by enforcing all legal penalties applicable in this case against Samantha Miller. Her alleged actions should not go unchecked, and a strong message must be sent about the severity of such offenses against animal welfare. We trust in your commitment to justice and your role in safeguarding the rights of animals against exploitation and neglect.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Animal People Forum

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  1. This woman has done this before, a few times over! Who does she think she is? Since she has been caught on these occasions you’d think there would be an overseer to make sure this creep doesn’t harm more animals. Oregon is beautiful but it houses some creeps too. Please put this woman in prison as she is lethal to those who have no voice to defend themselves. Society has rules and laws. This woman can not keep making aa mockery of our legal system without payment. We who obey the laws and live in peace ned to know our interests are taken into account instead of all attention going to the guilty. No wonder America is becoming the land of law but no justice!

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