Call for Justice for Puppy Allegedly Kicked and Thrown Near Busy Street

Target: Todd Spitzer, District Attorney of Orange County, California

Goal: Prosecute the man allegedly caught on video abusing a puppy.

Authorities in Southern California are urgently searching for an individual who was allegedly captured on surveillance footage engaging in the abuse of a small puppy. Early in the morning on April 7, near the bustling Interstate 5 and Brookhurst Street, this distressing event reportedly occurred. The footage, quite troubling, allegedly shows a man handling a small dog harshly as he maneuvers down a slope holding the pet and a bicycle.

The alleged video details are harrowing. It is reported that after making his way down a berm, the man drops the bicycle and violently throws the puppy before proceeding to kick it. Off-camera, the helpless whimpers of the dog can be heard as it is reportedly subjected to repeated kicks. This alleged act of cruelty has sparked an urgent search for the perpetrator and the injured puppy, as concerned authorities and citizens hope to bring justice for the defenseless animal.

The seriousness of this alleged abuse necessitates swift and decisive action. Animal cruelty is not only a deeply immoral act but also a criminal one that demands rigorous enforcement of the law to prevent future incidents. Call on the legal system to ensure that this alleged offender faces the full consequences of such an egregious act, to not only serve justice but to deter potential future offenses.


Dear DA Todd Spitzer,

We urge your office to take immediate action regarding a deeply troubling incident involving the alleged abuse of a small puppy, captured on surveillance footage near Interstate 5 and Brookhurst Street on April 7. This video reportedly shows a man engaging in the violent act of throwing and repeatedly kicking a small dog, actions that are both shocking and heart-wrenching.

The footage reveals that after throwing down his bicycle, the man allegedly throws the puppy towards a drainage ditch and then proceeds to kick it while off-camera, the animal’s painful cries are audibly recorded. Such acts of cruelty toward animals are not only morally reprehensible but also criminal under the laws that protect animals from abuse.

Given the clear evidence provided by the video footage and the audible distress of the puppy, we request that your office swiftly prosecutes the individual responsible for this alleged abuse. It is imperative to send a strong message that our community does not tolerate such cruelty and that those who engage in such acts will face serious legal consequences.

[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: yuankuei


  1. Post this on local media outlets and offer a reward to anyone who can identify this poor puppys ‘owner’. He will be easy to find, he’s such a BIG man tormenting a 5lb pup that he would likely stand out like the POS he is.

  2. This man is on record. He IS accountable. Please don’t let the defense walk away from this with a smile. This man doesn’t deserve the air he breathes. Who knows if this pup is still alive. If the pup was injured the man would kill it so as not to be forced to pay for its healing. What a horrible person. He should be out of society forever. But a decent time in prison and a no animals for the rest of his sorry life plus working to pay for the puppy’s healing and medical care is mandatory. What a waste of life.

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