Pets Allegedly Brutalized at Grooming Center on Camera Deserve Justice

Target: Hiten Venegaonkar, Public prosecutor for Maharashtra, India

Goal: Ensure the perpetrator faces legal consequences for his alleged actions against vulnerable pets.

A pet grooming center became a scene of alleged cruelty rather than care at Navi Mumbai in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The owner, upon reviewing CCTV footage, uncovered reported acts of violence that shift our attention from minor theft to alarming abuse. This alleged revelation prompts us to call for immediate and stern legal action.

Further investigation of the footage dated between February 6, 2024, and March 18, 2024, revealed the alleged assailant employing various objects like a wooden stick, belt, and iron chain to seemingly harm seven different dogs. He was also reportedly seen punching them and forcefully throwing them onto a table. These reported actions, seemingly in response to natural pet behaviors, highlight a grievous misuse of power and trust.

The gravity of these alleged actions cannot be understated. Pets, reliant on humans for care and protection, found themselves at the mercy of someone who allegedly exploited this relationship in the worst possible manner. This petition demands accountability and urges that legal measures be taken to ensure such acts are not repeated. Stand together for those who cannot voice their suffering.


Dear Prosecutor Hiten Venegaonkar,

We reach out to you today, troubled by the alleged actions of an individual who was trusted to care for and nurture pets, yet seemingly chose to betray this trust in the most heinous way imaginable. The evidence, reportedly captured over several weeks, showcases a pattern of behavior that cannot be ignored. For the welfare of all pets and the integrity of pet care standards, we implore you to take decisive action.

The detailed accounts of the alleged abuse, including the use of implements to harm and intimidate, and the physical assault on vulnerable animals, paint a picture that is hard to stomach. Such behavior not only violates the trust placed in individuals who work with animals but also highlights a seemingly disturbing disregard for life and well-being. This cannot be seen as anything other than an egregious breach of moral and, we believe, legal obligations.

Therefore, we demand that a thorough investigation be conducted into these allegations and, if substantiated, that appropriate legal actions be pursued against the individual involved. A clear message must be sent: such acts of cruelty towards animals are unacceptable and will be met with the full force of the law.


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Photo credit: Inside the Magic

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  1. Irene Leggett says:

    What else can you expect from that gut-wrenchingly, cruel and brutal country INDIA. Its masses ALL ave the mind-set inbred into them of animal abuse, animal torture and animal murder is fun and entertaining. A country truly at the bottom of the cess-pit for depravity and heinous atrocities.

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