Animals With Reportedly No Food, Water, or Medical Care Deserve Justice

Target: Bill Hicks, District Attorney of County of El Paso, Texas

Goal: Enforce stricter legal penalties for animal cruelty cases

Shocking revelations have emerged, detailing alleged widespread acts of animal cruelty. These acts, reportedly varying from physical abuse to neglect in providing necessary sustenance, underscore a grave issue that demands immediate attention. A spokesperson from El Paso Animal Services has brought to light the underreported nature of these offenses, stressing the significance of community involvement in bringing justice to these voiceless victims.

Further investigation into these allegations reveals a distressing pattern of behavior that extends beyond mere neglect. The reported lack of basic needs such as food and water, coupled with the absence of medical care, paints a grim picture of the suffering endured by countless animals. This scenario, purportedly common yet seldom reported, highlights an urgent need for intervention and accountability.

The partnership between El Paso Animal Services and the local police department’s animal cruelty unit underscores the seriousness of this issue. However, without stringent legal consequences to deter such behavior, these efforts remain insufficient. Make sure that justice is served and future incidents are significantly reduced.


Dear Attorney General,

Recent reports have emerged, shedding light on alleged widespread animal cruelty. These acts, ranging from reported physical abuse to severe neglect, highlight a disturbing trend that necessitates immediate legal intervention. El Paso Animal Services has underscored the issue’s underreported nature, calling for community action to address and prevent further suffering.

The variety of these alleged crimes, from depriving animals of essential needs like food and water to ignoring their health and medical needs, indicates a deep-seated problem within our society. The collaboration between El Paso Animal Services and the police department’s animal cruelty unit is a step in the right direction. Yet, without the backing of stringent legal penalties, the battle against animal cruelty faces significant challenges.

We urgently request your intervention to enforce stricter legal penalties for cases of animal cruelty. By doing so, we can provide justice for the victims and establish a strong deterrent against future acts of cruelty. Let us ensure that our community stands as a beacon of compassion and justice for all beings.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Pickpik

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  1. How about the firing squad????? Then maybe these brutal acts would stop happening. If not punished then this will continue. There must be a limit to all this pain even in Texas! Honestly this leads to murder! Yes, murder! To kill an animal is the same as killing a person.
    Yet little was done in Texas for the school shooting which was lacking all care and concern for the families of those murdered. The only care shown was to the deputies, if you want to call them that. One shooter and 20some deputies. What a farce.

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