Demand Justice for Animals Allegedly Confined Without Bedding or Water

Target: Rossa Fanning, Attorney General of Ireland

Goal: Implement stricter enforcement and penalties for animal cruelty cases.

Over recent times, disturbing allegations have surfaced involving severe animal cruelty and neglect. Among the reports, animals allegedly found in appalling and unlivable conditions represent a heartbreaking abuse of these innocent beings. The call for justice grows louder as details emerge of these purported acts of neglect and cruelty.

Further examination reveals one case, in particular, where animals were reportedly found in dire states, lacking basic necessities such as clean living environments, bedding, and water. These details not only evoke a profound sense of sorrow and outrage but also underscore the urgent need for reform and accountability. It’s alleged that, in one instance, a dog was kept in such squalor, that an inspector had to intervene, illustrating a clear disregard for the welfare and dignity of these creatures.

The change demanded through this petition cannot be overstated. It seeks not only to address and rectify the alleged wrongs of specific incidents but also to advocate for broader reforms that will ensure such atrocities are not repeated. Echo a collective demand for immediate and decisive action to hold those allegedly responsible accountable and to protect animals from future acts of alleged cruelty.


Dear Attorney General Rossa Fanning,

Recent allegations of animal cruelty and neglect have come to light, highlighting a disturbing disregard for animal welfare. Reports detail animals purportedly found in deplorable conditions, deprived of basic needs such as clean shelter, bedding, and water. These allegations not only shock the conscience but also call into question the adequacy of current animal welfare standards and enforcement.

It’s alleged that in one particular instance, an animal was kept in such squalor that intervention was deemed necessary. This is not an isolated incident but rather indicative of a broader issue that demands immediate attention and action. The specifics of these allegations, involving neglect and mistreatment, necessitate a reevaluation of our approach to animal welfare and the penalties for those found guilty of such acts.

We hereby request your urgent attention to these matters, advocating for stricter enforcement and increased penalties for animal cruelty. We must stand together in the fight against animal cruelty, ensuring justice is served for those unable to voice their suffering. We demand immediate and substantial action to prevent future acts of alleged cruelty and to ensure the welfare of all animals is protected.

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Photo credit: Fido Factor

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