Demand Justice for Puppy Allegedly Smacked and Punched

Target: Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton, Michigan

Goal: Secure maximum legal penalties for the alleged abuse of Nugget

In a disturbing incident in Flint, Michigan, a pit bull mix puppy, Nugget, was reportedly subjected to severe abuse. This alleged act of cruelty was brought to light by a grocery delivery driver who, upon entering an apartment, witnessed the reported abuse firsthand. The accused, Nataya Cabine, allegedly smacked and punched Nugget because he had urinated in his cage, sparking widespread outrage and calling for justice.

Further details of Nugget’s condition reveal a heartbreaking story of apparent neglect and suffering. The puppy allegedly showed signs of significant physical distress, with spine, hip, and rib issues noted. Moreover, Nugget’s living conditions were reportedly deplorable; he had no bedding, food, or water, and his cage was filled with feces. The staining of Nugget’s belly and paws, allegedly due to prolonged exposure to urine, highlights the extent of his suffering.

This case underscores a broader issue: the link between animal abuse and domestic violence. Genesee County officials have made it clear that such acts will not be tolerated, vowing to pursue legal action against those who harm animals. Demand the full extent of legal penalties for Nataya Cabine, if she is found guilty, ensuring Nugget’s suffering is not in vain and that justice is served.


Dear Prosecutor Leyton,

We, the undersigned, urge you to pursue the maximum legal penalties for Nataya Cabine, accused of the severe abuse of a pit bull mix puppy named Nugget. This distressing case has not only shocked the Flint community but also animal lovers everywhere. Allegations of Cabine physically assaulting Nugget for a natural accident are deeply troubling and indicative of a lack of humanity.

Nugget’s alleged plight—suffering from physical injuries, malnutrition, and neglect in unsanitary conditions—is a stark reminder of the cruelty animals can face. His story sheds light on the urgent need for strict enforcement of animal welfare laws. By ensuring those found guilty of such acts face the full consequences, we can deter future instances of abuse and uphold a standard of compassion and justice in our society.

We implore you to use the full extent of the law to hold Cabine accountable for her alleged actions. In doing so, you affirm Genesee County’s commitment to the protection of all beings from cruelty and abuse. Let Nugget’s case be a catalyst for change, reinforcing the bond between animal welfare and societal health.


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Photo credit: Paul VanDerWerf

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  1. Perhaps Nataya could get off her big butt and let the puppy out to pee where it’s appropriate? What a loser, what a pig and what a deplorable excuse of a human being. Lifetime ban on pet ownership, nice fine and a few months in jail might teach her how important it is to be responsible for the things you bring into your home; the dog did not volunteer to be her whipping post.

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