Demand Justice for Goats Allegedly Killed Due to Neglect

Target: State Attorney David Applegate, Danbury, Connecticut

Goal: Enforce legal action against alleged animal neglect and ensure it’s treated with the seriousness it deserves.

In March 2021, a shocking discovery was made at a residence on Cross Highway, where authorities found not only several deceased goats but also 65 living ones, some pregnant, in conditions that spoke volumes of alleged neglect. This situation, arising from the execution of a search-and-seizure warrant, has brought to light the alleged long-standing issue of animal mistreatment under the care of Nancy Burton. Despite expectations for a dismissal, charges remain, underlining the gravity of the situation and the need for a closer examination of the facts.

The response to this discovery has been multi-faceted, involving various segments of the community and legal entities aiming to ensure such alleged neglect does not go unnoticed. The local community’s reaction, spearheaded by concerned citizens and supported by the town’s first selectwoman, underscores a collective dismay and a strong desire for accountability. The state’s attempt to vacate a previously granted order for accelerated rehabilitation for Burton, due to statutory victims not being properly notified, reflects the complexities of ensuring justice is served while respecting the rights and voices of all involved.

This case represents more than just the alleged neglect of animals; it speaks to the broader issues of accountability, the importance of community vigilance, and the need for legal systems that adequately address and deter such actions. We demand that this case be treated with the seriousness it deserves, ensuring that all facts are thoroughly examined and that legal action reflects the severity of the alleged wrongdoing. Send a clear message that such alleged neglect will not be tolerated.


Dear Mr. Applegate,

Recent events surrounding the alleged neglect of dozens of goats in Redding have brought to light a situation that many find deeply disturbing. Allegations of this nature, involving the mistreatment of animals under the care of an individual, demand a thorough and uncompromising legal review. The community’s trust in our legal system hinges on its response to such cases, emphasizing the need for a rigorous and fair examination of the allegations at hand.

The details that have emerged – including the reported discovery of both deceased and seemingly neglected animals, some of which were pregnant – paint a grim picture of the conditions these animals endured. These reports have not only caused considerable community uproar but have also prompted questions regarding the effectiveness of our current legal frameworks to prevent such alleged abuses. The legal proceedings to date, including the proposed accelerated rehabilitation and the subsequent appeal for its reconsideration, underscore the complexities involved in balancing legal processes with the demands for justice.

Therefore, we urge you to consider the gravity of the situation, the alleged suffering of the animals involved, and the community’s call for accountability. We request that you ensure the legal response to these allegations is proportionate to the severity of the reported neglect. We hope that through this process, we can not only address the immediate concerns but also strengthen our collective resolve to protect vulnerable animals from such alleged mistreatment in the future.


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