Justice for Wolf Allegedly Tortured to Death

Target: Clayton Melinkovich, Sublette County Attorney, Wyoming

Goal: Ensure stringent legal action against the allegedly cruel treatment of wildlife, spotlighting the Wyoming wolf case as a catalyst for change.

A recent incident in Wyoming has ignited widespread outrage and calls for justice. Allegations have surfaced involving a wolf that was chased, incapacitated, and displayed in a state of extreme distress before being killed. Such actions, reportedly carried out by Cody Roberts, have sparked a fierce debate on the adequacy of existing wildlife protection laws.

According to reports, Roberts used a snowmobile to pursue and disable the wolf, going so far as to tape its mouth shut. This allegedly heinous act, reportedly captured in a photo showing the wolf in a debilitated state with its mouth taped, raises profound ethical and legal questions. Allegedly, after displaying the wolf at a local bar, Roberts ended the animal’s life behind the establishment. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department, currently silent on the matter, partially corroborated these allegations through a criminal citation related to wildlife possession.

The outrage over this case points to a broader issue: the potential for recurrence due to permissive state policies. The current legal repercussions for such acts—a mere $250 fine for illegal possession of warm-blooded wildlife—seem grossly inadequate. Call for immediate legal action against the alleged perpetrator. Also, prevent future cruelty towards wildlife, particularly “predator” species which currently fall outside many animal cruelty protections.


Dear Attorney Melinkovich,

We are deeply disturbed by the allegations of torture inflicted upon a wolf in Wyoming. The purported actions of Cody Roberts, involving the chase, capture, and display of a severely distressed wolf before its death, represent a grave moral and legal failure. This case not only exposes the individual’s apparent disregard for life but also underscores significant shortcomings in our wildlife protection laws.

It is alarming that the acts described are met with minimal legal consequences. This leniency might inadvertently signal that such cruelty is tolerable, particularly towards species not currently shielded by animal cruelty statutes. We urge you to consider the weight of these actions and the message they send about our society’s values. The allegations against Roberts, if proven, demand a response that reflects the seriousness of the offense and the community’s expectation for justice and ethical treatment of all beings.

Therefore, we request that you pursue all possible legal avenues to address this case. Additionally, we advocate for a reevaluation of current policies to close loopholes that allow such acts of cruelty to occur without significant penalties. This incident should act as a catalyst for change, prompting us to strengthen our legal framework to protect wildlife from torture and abuse.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Gregory “Slobirdr” Smith


  1. I hope that what he did to this poor wolf comes back to him 100x. Cody Roberts is yet another example of a violent psychopathic human that can’t be fixed.
    Too bad we can’t euthanize his vile ass.

  2. Alice K Knight says:

    I am appalled and stunned regarding this man’s heinous behaviour!
    Really, a 250.00 fine. How cruel can a human being be? Are you not the least bit concerned this person may find it entertaining to hunt a human? To display this poor innocent wolf as if a trophy and later kill it, is atrocious. Your laws for such recklessness need re-evaluating.

  3. Daphne Brennan says:

    This despicable excuse for a human being poses a significant threat to society with his utter disregard for the lives of innocent creatures. What depths of depravity must one sink to before being confined to jail. He is a menace, a blight on humanity. Let’s hope this incident serves as a wake-up call for him to realize what a vile, irredeemable scumbag he truly is. His actions are unforgivable, and he deserves nothing but condemnation and punishment. Let the fires of hell consume Cody Roberts for his heinous crimes against this wolf!

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