Crab Reportedly Used in Cruel Political Stunt Deserves Justice

Target: District Election Officer Minal Kalaskar, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India

Goal: Ensure accountability for the alleged cruel use of a crab in political campaigning

A disturbing incident recently unfolded involving MLA Rohit Pawar, who apparently used a tied and struggling crab as a prop during a press conference in Nagpur of the Indian state of Maharashtra. This act, intended as a reference to corruption, reportedly caused unnecessary pain and suffering to the animal, igniting outrage among animal rights advocates. Allegedly preplanned, this stunt not only demonstrated a blatant disregard for animal welfare but also violated several laws aimed at protecting animals from such cruelty.

PETA India’s response highlights the intelligence and sensitivity of crabs, creatures capable of experiencing pain and suffering. Their advocacy points to the alleged violation of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, among other regulations, by Pawar’s actions. This case underscores a larger issue of using animals as mere tools for human objectives, often at the cost of their well-being.

The demand for accountability and a shift in how animals are treated in political and public arenas is critical. Such acts of alleged cruelty not only harm the animals involved but also set a harmful precedent for society’s treatment of all sentient beings. Call upon the relevant authorities to take immediate action, ensuring that justice is served and that similar acts of alleged cruelty are prevented in the future.


Dear District Election Officer Minal Kalaskar,

Recent events have brought to light a disturbing act of alleged animal cruelty involving MLA Rohit Pawar, who was reportedly seen using a tied and distressed crab for a political demonstration. This premeditated act not only caused seemingly unnecessary suffering to the animal but also reportedly violated existing laws and regulations designed to protect animals from such cruel treatment. We must address this issue head-on, holding those responsible for their actions and ensuring such acts are not repeated.

Crabs, as sentient beings, deserve respect and compassion, not to be used as props in political stunts. This incident not only reflects poorly on the individuals involved but also on our society’s values regarding animal welfare. We urge you to investigate this matter thoroughly and take appropriate action against those found to violate the law. We must uphold standards of decency and respect for all living creatures.

We, the undersigned, demand that accountability be ensured for the alleged cruel treatment of the crab used in the political campaign. By taking action, you will send a clear message that cruelty towards animals is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Let us stand together for justice and the humane treatment of all beings.


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Photo credit: NOAA Photo Library

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