Demand Justice for Over 100 Pit Bulls Allegedly Forced to Fight

Target: Matthew Platkin, Attorney General of New Jersey

Goal: Ensure the alleged perpetrators behind the largest dogfighting ring takedown in New Jersey history face legal consequences.

At dawn under torrential rains, a scene of despair and alleged cruelty awaited investigators at a compound in South Jersey. Reports claim over a hundred pit bulls, some wounded and all shivering, greeted their rescuers with hope despite their torment. The operation, described as the state’s largest dogfighting ring bust, highlights an urgent call for justice and protection for these animals.

Bruce “Hollywood” Low, Jr., alongside seven others, now faces serious accusations, including racketeering and animal cruelty. Allegations detail a grim operation where pit bulls were forced into brutal combat, with some tethered to vehicles for “training” or discarded in pits post-mortem. The revenue from such apparent barbarity, fueled by a network of breeders, trainers, and spectators, paints a stark contrast to the pitiful conditions in which these animals lived.

The necessity of our petition stems from a profound duty to shield vulnerable beings from harm. By signing, you amplify a collective voice against brutality, urging immediate and stringent legal repercussions for those implicated. Demand accountability, not just for the sake of these pit bulls but to uphold a societal standard of compassion over cruelty.


Dear Attorney General Matthew Platkin,

In the shadows of early morning, more than a hundred pit bulls were reportedly found in conditions that no creature should endure. Allegations of a dogfighting ring in South Jersey, described as the state’s largest, have surfaced, implicating Bruce “Hollywood” Low, Jr., and others in heinous acts of animal cruelty. These pit bulls, many of whom were injured with all left cold and shivering, according to reports, were not just animals bred for illegal sport; they were victims of apparent profound abuse.

The details emerging from this investigation into the compound suggest a disturbingly calculated operation, exploiting these dogs for profit under the guise of a legitimate breeding business. Reports of dogs forced to endure extreme and brutal “training” methods, only to be discarded like waste, are deeply troubling. It’s not only a betrayal of these animals’ loyalty but a stark violation of our moral and legal obligations to protect the innocent.

Therefore, we urge you to take decisive action. Hold those responsible for these alleged crimes accountable to the fullest extent of the law. This petition represents a united front of citizens deeply concerned about the welfare of animals and the integrity of our society. We trust in your commitment to justice and plead for swift, stern measures against those found complicit in this alleged dogfighting ring.

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Photo credit: Ildar Sagdejev

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  1. Alice Knight says:

    If anyone sees anything like this , please phone the police or a reputable shelter. In the name of God, do something. Don’t just stand there and allow this dog fighting to continue! This is barbaric practices which should be considered and looked at as a criminal offence. The individuals involved in the breeding, training, gambling are all guilty for this entertainment. How dare all of you treat animals in this manner. All involved should be held accountable. You are a disgrace to humanity.

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