Don’t Let Marine Mammals Die in Captivity

Target: Christophe Béchu, Minister of Ecological Transition, France

Goal: Enforce stringent regulations on marine mammal captivity to prevent further orca deaths.

Recent events at Marineland in Antibes have shed light on the dark reality faced by orcas held in captivity. With two tragic deaths occurring within a mere six-month span, the situation screams for urgent attention and action. Allegations surface, pointing to dire living conditions these majestic creatures endure, far removed from their natural habitats.

Pierre Robert de Latour, a renowned cetacean specialist, has voiced his concern, labeling captivity as a form of abuse. The loss of Inouk and Moana, at 25 and 12 years respectively, appears to underscore a chilling narrative about the psychological and physical toll of confinement on these beings. This expert’s testimony offers a poignant glimpse into the orcas’ apparent suffering, reinforcing the call for a critical reevaluation of their captivity.

The necessity for change is clear. Orcas, known for their complex social structures and vast roaming distances in the wild, cannot thrive in the restrictive bounds of a pool. The alleged transformation of these gentle giants into distressed beings under captivity highlights an urgent need for legal intervention. Implement stringent regulations governing the captivity of marine mammals, ensuring the well-being and preservation of these magnificent creatures.


Dear Minister Christophe Béchu,

The recent and heartbreaking deaths of two orcas at Marineland in Antibes have sparked a necessary debate on the ethics and consequences of marine mammal captivity. Allegations of inadequate living conditions and the psychological toll on these intelligent beings necessitate immediate and decisive action from your office.

As highlighted by cetacean specialist Pierre Robert de Latour, the alleged abuse inherent in the captivity of these orcas not only diminishes their quality of life but may also alter their behavior detrimentally. It is reportedly evident that the confines of a tank cannot replicate the vast expanse of the ocean, essential for their natural well-being. This distressing situation reportedly transforms otherwise peaceful creatures into ones exhibiting signs of severe distress.

We urgently request the introduction and enforcement of strict regulations on the captivity of marine mammals, particularly orcas. Such measures are essential to prevent further tragedies and to ensure that no more sentient beings suffer under similar conditions. We demand action that respects the inherent dignity and rights of these majestic creatures, ensuring their future is safeguarded in environments that closely mimic their natural habitats.

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Photo credit: Spencer Wright

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