Demand Justice for Sloths Allegedly Exploited at Exotic Animal Store

Target: Raymond A. Tierney, District Attorney of Suffolk County, New York

Goal: Ensure accountability and legal repercussions for the alleged mistreatment of sloths.

Shocking reports have emerged, casting a harsh light on Sloth Encounters, a business that promised an intimate experience with sloths but allegedly subjected them to conditions far from their natural habitat. For $50, customers could interact closely with these creatures, despite sloths’ known preference for minimal human contact. Allegations of sloths and other animals kept in crowded, unsanitary environments have sparked outrage. The gravity of these accusations demands immediate attention and action to prevent further harm.

Further investigation reportedly uncovered disturbing practices within the establishment. An employee was allegedly seen mistreating a sloth, and the owner, Larry Wallach, was purportedly observed handling the animals in a way that caused them distress. Such incidents raise serious questions about the ethical treatment of the animals under Wallach’s care and the environment they were kept in. This scenario paints a grim picture of what was marketed as an “educational journey,” highlighting the need for scrutiny and intervention.

The call for justice is loud and clear. The conditions and treatment the sloths and other animals allegedly endured at Sloth Encounters not only challenge ethical standards but may also violate local wildlife ownership laws. These allegations necessitate a thorough review and appropriate legal actions to ensure such mistreatment does not go unchecked. Demand immediate and decisive measures to hold those allegedly responsible accountable, to safeguard the well-being of these vulnerable animals.


Dear DA Raymond A. Tierney,

Recent allegations surrounding Sloth Encounters, an exotic animal business operated by Larry Wallach, have brought to light deeply concerning practices. Reports suggest that sloths, along with other animals, were kept in conditions that starkly contrast with their natural needs and preferences. The alleged mistreatment, including distressing handling and inadequate living environments, raises serious ethical and legal concerns. We urge your office to thoroughly investigate these allegations and take appropriate legal action against any and all forms of animal cruelty and neglect discovered.

The gravity of these allegations cannot be overstated. Video evidence and inspection reports have allegedly captured instances of animal mistreatment that are both shocking and heartbreaking. Such actions not only jeopardize the well-being of the animals involved but also betray the trust of the public, which expects animals to be treated with respect and care. Those allegedly responsible for these actions must be held accountable under the law to prevent future occurrences.

We, therefore, call upon you to use your authority to ensure that a comprehensive investigation is conducted into the alleged animal cruelty at Sloth Encounters. Should these allegations prove true, we demand that legal action be taken to rectify these wrongs and serve as a deterrent to others. We must stand together to protect vulnerable animals from suffering and to uphold the principles of justice and compassion.


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Photo credit: Thowra_uk

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