Seek Justice for Dog Allegedly Beaten and Hung on Tree

Target: Bryce Graham, District Attorney of Colbert County, Alabama

Goal: Ensure the harshest possible penalties for the alleged dog abuser

In the quiet of Colbert County, a harrowing scene unfolded, captured in a video that sent shockwaves through the community. It reportedly shows a man, Garret Larkin, engaging in unspeakable acts of cruelty against a defenseless dog. Witnesses allege seeing him beat the animal with a leather strap, then hang it from a tree to continue the assault. Such barbarity shakes the soul, demanding not just attention but immediate action.

Neighbors, acting on the dog’s apparent distress, alerted authorities, leading to Larkin’s arrest. Despite the gravity of these allegations, he was released on a mere $750 bond. This leniency starkly contrasts the severity of the alleged act, igniting outrage and a plea for justice. The dog, fortunately still alive, remains with an associate of the accused, casting shadows of concern over its wellbeing.

The outcry for justice grows louder. Such acts of cruelty betray a disturbing disregard for life and must not be lightly punished. Demand a strong stand against animal cruelty, ensuring anyone found guilty of such heinous acts faces consequences commensurate with their alleged actions.


Dear DA Bryce Graham,

A heart-wrenching incident has come to light in your jurisdiction, one that challenges the moral compass of our society. Allegations against Garret Larkin, involving the brutal beating of a dog, paint a picture of cruelty that is hard to comprehend. The purported evidence, a video capturing the alleged abuse, has sparked widespread condemnation and calls for justice.

This case is not merely about punishing an individual but about reaffirming our societal values. The leniency shown thus far, with a nominal bond allowing the accused’s release, seems discordant with the severity of the allegations. We urge you to consider the disturbing details of this case, the alleged repeated beatings, and the unimaginable fear and pain suffered by the animal. It is imperative that our legal system responds with the full force of its capacity to uphold justice.

Thus, we stand together, advocating for the maximum legal penalties for such acts of alleged cruelty. Our collective conscience will not tolerate indifference. Let this case serve as a precedent, deterring future acts of violence against animals. We implore you to pursue this case with the seriousness it undoubtedly warrants.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Dean Souglass


  1. Colbert County is corrupt. Alabama isn’t the first place in the country to choose if you believe in living by the laws of society, behaving as a believer of God and promoting love and friendship in our society. A $750.00 bond is nothing. This man is on video, he IS guilty and someone is showing a third finger to the law of Alabama, especially in Colbert County. The poor dog is being held by a friend of the man who beat him. That’s disgraceful! But then, America is the land of laws but NO JUSTICE! I guess justice will come at the end of this monster’s life and I hope he gets paid back for every horrible, mean, thing he’s done and suffer through eternity.

  2. goh maria says:

    How can the law be so lax towards such brazen animal abusers! This jerk Garret Larkin has no regard for animal life and zero respect for the law! Alabama, you are a joke and a disgrace too for putting the victimized dog with the abuser’s friend which further endangesr its life!!! What a letdown you are Alabama to your people and animals!

  3. Alice K Knight says:

    Alabama needs to re-think their animal cruelty legislation if they even have one. What was the reason for handing the dog to a friend of the accused? The animal would be better off in a reputable shelter where hopefully they would be treated with compassion and kindness. People need to be reminded animals are living, breathing souls. They feel pain, joy and sadness. A 750.00 bond is absurd and shameful. People need to be held accountable for their heinous acts against animals.

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