Demand Justice for Stray Dog Allegedly Beaten and Dragged on Streets

Target: Surya Pal Gangwar, District Magistrate of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

Goal: Ensure rigorous prosecution for individuals allegedly responsible for a horrific assault on a stray dog.

An appalling incident unfolded in Lucknow, the capital of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, where a stray dog allegedly became the victim of a heinous assault. Captured on video, this act of cruelty showcased a couple allegedly beating the animal and then dragging it behind a bike. The visuals have sparked outrage, leading to a fervent call for justice.

Eyewitness accounts and the disturbing footage suggest the dog endured severe abuse. Allegedly, the man, identified as Jagdish, tethered the dog to his bike, proceeding to drag it, while the woman, Sonam, struck the dog with a stick. This allegedly brutal act resulted in the dog sustaining a broken front leg and placing it in critical condition. It highlights a shocking disregard for life and raises serious concerns about animal welfare in the community.

The motivation behind this alleged cruelty is purported to be revenge for the dog biting the couple’s daughter. However, such actions, irrespective of the reason, are indefensible and demand immediate and stern legal action. This incident not only reflects the plight of stray animals but also the urgent need for stronger enforcement of animal rights laws. Demand the prosecution of the alleged offenders to the fullest extent of the law, ensuring such barbarity is met with justice.


Dear District Attorney of Lucknow,

A deeply troubling incident has come to light from Gomti Nagar, evoking widespread condemnation and a clamor for justice. A stray dog was apparently subjected to a cruel assault, as seen in a video that has since become viral. This footage seems to reveal the dog being beaten and dragged in an act that resulted in a broken front leg and critical injuries. Such an act of barbarism cannot go unanswered.

The individuals identified in this incident, Jagdish and Sonam, were reportedly captured committing this atrocious act, allegedly in retaliation against the dog for a bite. However, no circumstance can justify the deliberate infliction of pain and suffering on an innocent animal. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerability of stray animals and the imperative need for our society to protect them.

We urge you to take immediate and decisive action against the alleged perpetrators of this vile act. Their behavior, as reported, should be scrutinized under the strictest legal standards, ensuring that justice is served and that a clear message is sent regarding the unacceptability of animal cruelty. Our community looks to you for leadership in upholding the principles of compassion and justice.

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Photo credit: Biswarup Ganguly


  1. India hates dogs and it is apparent by allowing these criminal activities to go unpunished. Honestly, it’s sickening to see the way people behave and what they are allowed to do to dogs. Dogs are living beings the same as you. There is no difference except dogs are kinder, gentler and loving. People? They are only good at multiplying. The earth doesn’t need them! We have 8 billion people now. The earth can care for only 4.5 billion. Yet by 2050 there will be over 9 billion. THere’s no more room for people! This amount of people is causing animals to not have habitat and a place to call home and food to eat. Too may people means more crime. India and China are the two main contributors to the masses but the planet can not support the people the two countries have now much less the increase yet to be.


  2. goh maria says:

    Jagdish and Sonam are bad influences on society. Please punish them harshly for promoting animal cruelty so boldly in public. India, please be kind to animals and fix your tarnished reputation!


  4. Alice K Knight says:

    Eyewitnesses, don’t just stand there be a part of the solution and rescue the dog! I just don’t understand why in some parts of India stray dogs and cats are treated with such disturbing acts of violence. These two individuals have no place in any society. Such a lack of respect, compassion and kindness. What gives any person or peoples the right to do this to any animal? How would one feel if someone had such a disregard for a child that was just playing in the street that they beat them with a stick or burned them alive? Not a very nice thought is it?

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