Dog Fatally Shot While Sunbathing Deserves Justice

Target: Pat McDermott, District Attorney of Blue Earth County, Minnesota

Goal: Secure justice for Lily by prosecuting the person responsible for her cruel death.

A peaceful Minnesota home turned into a scene of heartbreak when Lily, a medium-sized mixed-breed dog, was fatally shot while sunbathing on her family’s deck. This appalling act happened in the light of day, revealing a shocking disregard for life and safety in the community. Details emerge of Lily’s life being snuffed out, a creature harmlessly basking in the warmth of her home, now a victim of a senseless crime.

Adding to the family’s agony, this incident was preceded by a menacing threat towards Lily and her canine companions over their natural behavior. Someone expressed lethal intent through a note filled with vile threats over the dogs’ barking. This escalated to the tragic shooting, a stark reminder of the cruelty lurking in the shadows, targeting the innocent. The perpetrator of this heinous act remains at large, a concerning fact for all residents valuing safety and peace.

The community and the family demand swift justice for Lily, whose only fault was being in her own home. It’s imperative to address this violence with serious legal measures. The person behind this cruelty must face the consequences of their actions. Send a clear message that such barbarity will not be tolerated.


Dear DA Pat McDermott,

We write to you, heavy-hearted, over a tragedy that strikes at the core of what it means to feel safe in our homes. Lily, a beloved family dog, was mercilessly shot and killed while sunbathing on her family’s deck. This cruel act not only robbed a family of their cherished pet but also shattered the peace of an entire community.

In the weeks leading up to this unspeakable act, the family received a threatening note regarding their dogs’ barking. Such a premeditated escalation from threats to lethal violence underscores a chilling disregard for life. We urge you to take immediate and decisive action to investigate and prosecute the individual responsible for this atrocity. Lily’s death must not be in vain, and justice must serve as a deterrent to potential perpetrators harboring similar malevolent intents.

The time to act is now. By ensuring the person responsible for Lily’s death faces the full extent of the law, you affirm the community’s stand against violence and cruelty. Let this case be a precedent that in Blue Earth County, such acts of malice will meet with unwavering justice.

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Photo credit: Sharon Snider

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