Save Dogs From Lethal Flesh-Eating Disease

Target: Steve Barclay, Minister of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, UK

Goal: Implement nationwide measures to combat Alabama Rot and safeguard our pets.

Alabama Rot, also known as Cutaneous and Renal Glomerular Vasculopathy (CRGV), has reportedly been on the rise, posing a grave threat to dogs throughout the UK. This perilous condition, prevalent especially in the damp weather of spring, leads to severe and often fatal damage to a dog’s blood vessels and kidneys. The recent alarming spike in cases across Wales, Scotland, and parts of England underscores an urgent need for action.

In a particularly distressing revelation, a local vet practice near Poundbury in Dorset lamented their encounter with this frightful disease, marking their first ever cases, both of which ended tragically. Such reports starkly highlight the flesh-eating nature of Alabama Rot, which feasts on the flesh of our beloved pets, leading to sores and ulcers, primarily below the knee or elbow. Despite increased awareness and preventative recommendations like washing dogs’ legs after walks, the disease’s persistence and fatal outcomes call for more robust measures.

The rising trend of Alabama Rot cases, from its origins in Alabama to a significant increase in the UK since the 1980s, necessitates immediate and decisive intervention. Implement of comprehensive nationwide strategies to combat this deadly disease, encompassing research, prevention, and treatment protocols to protect our canine companions.


Dear Minister Steve Barclay,

The alarming spread of Alabama Rot across the UK, with its devastating impact on dogs, calls for urgent and concerted action. This deadly disease, known for causing severe damage to the blood vessels and kidneys of dogs, has seen an uptick in cases, notably in Wales, Scotland, and England. The situation near Poundbury in Dorset, where a veterinary practice encountered its first cases, exemplifies the urgent need for a nationwide response to this burgeoning crisis.

The nature of Alabama Rot, particularly its propensity to cause flesh-eating wounds on our pets, underlines the gravity of the situation. With signs ranging from skin sores and ulcers to the tragic end stages of kidney failure, the suffering inflicted upon affected dogs is heart-wrenching. Despite the efforts of local communities and veterinarians to mitigate risks through preventive measures, the disease’s continued spread and fatality rate signal the need for more comprehensive strategies at a national level.

We implore you to spearhead the development and implementation of a robust national plan aimed at combating Alabama Rot. This should include funding for research into its causes and treatments, public awareness campaigns to educate dog owners on prevention, and support for veterinary practices on the front lines of this fight. By taking decisive action, we can protect our cherished pets from this terrible disease and prevent further anguish and loss.

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Photo credit: Joselito Tagarao

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