Puppies Allegedly Beaten in Presence of Little Girl Deserves Justice

Target: Vinai Kumar Saxena, The Lieutenant Governor of Delhi, India

Goal: Ensure the perpetrators are held accountable for their alleged mistreatment of puppies.

Puppies in Delhi, the capital of India, allegedly found themselves in a dire situation. They were reportedly mistreated by a breeder in front of a little girl. Social media brought to light a harrowing scene, allegedly showcasing little puppies bound, and beaten by a woman with a stick, in the presence of a child. This distressing footage calls for immediate attention and action.

Further details allege the puppies were confined in cramped conditions on a balcony, a space hardly suitable for animals. Manvi Rai, an animal activist, reportedly detailed their ordeal, emphasizing the fear instilled not only in the animals but also in witnesses, hesitant to intervene due to potential retaliation from the accused family. This scenario, apparently captured on video, has spurred animal rights activists into action, demanding rescue and justice for these defenseless beings.

The need for legal intervention cannot be overstated. These allegations, if true, signify a blatant disregard for animal welfare, with the accused showing a concerning lack of empathy. Take stringent measures, ensuring such acts of alleged cruelty are met with the full force of the law, safeguarding the well-being of animals in our communities.


Dear LG Vinai Kumar Saxena,

Recent reports from Delhi, have highlighted a deeply troubling issue concerning the alleged mistreatment of puppies by a local breeder. Allegedly confined to small cages and subjected to physical abuse, these innocent animals have endured unimaginable suffering, a scenario reportedly witnessed by a child and documented on social media. This incident not only speaks volumes about the alleged perpetrators’ lack of humanity but also the urgent need for legal intervention.

The video that surfaced online, purportedly showing the abuse, has rightly outraged the public and animal rights activists alike. The involvement of Manvi Rai and others in bringing this to light underscores the community’s commitment to animal welfare and the collective demand for justice. It is imperative that this alleged cruelty not go unpunished, to serve as a deterrent against future acts of animal mistreatment.

We, therefore, urge you to take decisive action in this matter. It is crucial that those allegedly responsible for such heinous acts are investigated thoroughly and, if found culpable, face the consequences of their actions. Our goal is simple: to ensure justice is served and to prevent further instances of animal cruelty in our society.


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Photo credit: Dey Alexander

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