Elephant Allegedly Exploitated for Entertainment Deserves Justice

Target: Dr. Noviar Andayani, Country Director, The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), Indonesia

Goal: Enforce stringent measures against animal cruelty in tourist attractions

The revelation of an elephant with partially severed tusks in Bali has sparked outrage, especially when reportedly connected to Amber Turner, a notable figure from “The Only Way Is Essex.” In a controversial image, she allegedly glorified her proximity to the majestic yet mutilated animal. This act, under scrutiny, appears to advocate a grim reality elephants face in captivity.

Allegedly, the tusks of this elephant were cut, a practice that hinders their natural growth. Such actions, though claimed to be harmless, suggest potential maltreatment. Elephants in Southeast Asia, particularly those in ‘captive elephant facilities,’ often undergo this procedure. Critics argue it serves more for human safety and convenience than animal welfare.

The outcry stems from the alleged perpetuation of animal exploitation for entertainment. If celebrities partake or even unintentionally endorse such practices, it could normalize the mistreatment. Our petition urges immediate action. Demand stricter regulations against animal cruelty, particularly in tourist attractions, ensuring creatures like elephants live free from exploitation.


Dear Dr. Noviar Andayani,

The recent controversy involving an elephant with mutilated tusks, allegedly linked to a public figure’s social media, raises serious concerns about animal welfare in tourist attractions. This incident has spotlighted the troubling practices some animals seemingly endure for entertainment. Such acts, where majestic creatures allegedly suffer for human amusement, must not go unchallenged.

Allegedly, the elephant’s condition reflects a broader issue of exploitation in ‘captive elephant facilities.’ The practice of tusk cutting, although claimed to be non-painful, hints at a life of confinement and manipulation for these sentient beings. It’s distressing to think that this might be done for the sake of tourist interaction safety. This incident underlines the urgent need for comprehensive animal protection laws that address and prevent the mistreatment of animals in the entertainment and tourism sectors.

We urge you to implement and enforce stringent measures against animal cruelty in tourist attractions. We must protect these creatures from unnecessary harm and exploitation. Establishing stricter regulations and ensuring their enforcement would serve as a testament to our commitment to animal welfare and ethical tourism.


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Photo credit: World Bank Photo Collection

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