Demand Action Against Alleged Animal Abuse Network

Target: Pavel Durov, Telegram CEO

Goal: Urge Telegram to enhance moderation and shut down channels involved in animal abuse

A chilling revelation has surfaced, detailing an alleged global network that uses Telegram to create and distribute videos showcasing animal torture, with a disturbing focus on “sexually sadistic” mutilation of monkeys. Central to this network is Michael Macartney, dubbed the “torture king,” who is accused of playing a pivotal role in commissioning such unfathomable cruelty. Allegedly, this network not only devised heinous acts of abuse but also facilitated a platform for sharing these barbaric videos, engaging in activities that shock the moral conscience.

The case sheds light on a broader issue within Telegram, where encrypted messaging serves as a shield for individuals engaging in illegal activities. The alleged actions of Macartney and his cohorts, including the setting of animals on fire and the mutilation of innocent creatures, illustrate a horrific misuse of digital platforms to perpetrate and disseminate acts of torture. With participants spanning the globe, from the UK to Indonesia, the reach and impact of this network are alarmingly vast.

This distressing situation calls into question the responsibility of digital platforms like Telegram to prevent the spread of content that glorifies or promotes violence and cruelty. It is not merely a matter of legal compliance but a moral imperative to ensure that technology does not become an enabler of such depravity. Shut down channels involved in the abuse, setting a precedent for digital responsibility.


Dear Pavel Durov,

We write to you with a matter of urgent concern involving the alleged use of Telegram for creating and distributing videos of animal torture, including the “sexually sadistic” mutilation of monkeys. The revelation of an alleged global network, with Michael Macartney reportedly at its helm, utilizing your platform to share such disturbing content, requires immediate and decisive action.

The gravity and barbarity of the acts reportedly facilitated through Telegram channels not only demand a reevaluation of content moderation policies but also call into question the platform’s role in preventing the dissemination of illegal and morally reprehensible content. The use of Telegram to allegedly perpetrate, glorify, and spread acts of animal cruelty represents a clear misuse of technology, undermining the values and principles of digital freedom and responsibility.

In response to this alarming situation, we urge you to implement enhanced moderation strategies aimed at identifying and shutting down channels involved in animal abuse. Furthermore, we ask that Telegram collaborate with law enforcement agencies to assist in the investigation and prosecution of those reportedly involved in such heinous activities. Taking a stand against animal cruelty on your platform is not only a legal obligation but a moral duty, reinforcing Telegram’s commitment to fostering a safe and respectful digital environment.


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Photo credit: DSD

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