Justice for Nearly 500 Animals Allegedly Found Starved and Underweight

Target: Mark Nichols, Clallam County Prosecutor, Washington State

Goal: Ensure rigorous legal action against alleged animal cruelty and neglect.

In Sequim, Washington, a distressing situation unfolded throughout two and a half years, leading to the seizure of nearly 500 animals from a local farm. Eyewitnesses and authorities painted a harrowing picture of alleged neglect, where animals purportedly languished unfed, without proper veterinary care, and in conditions described as deplorable. This case, centered around the farm on Toad Road, brings to light the alleged ongoing suffering endured by these animals, calling for urgent attention and action.

Initial investigations began on December 31, 2021, after reports of animal cruelty surfaced. The alleged findings were shocking: underweight animals, some with additional ailments due to improper housing. Among the seized were dogs—none spayed or neutered, many pregnant—a goat, an emu, ferrets, and a large number of poultry, ducks, and geese. Fast forward to April 2024, and the authorities were compelled to intervene yet again at the same location, rescuing an additional assortment of animals under similarly alleged dire circumstances. These incidents underscore a repeated pattern of alleged neglect and mistreatment.

The gravity of these allegations demands a robust legal response. It is imperative to not only seek justice for the animals subjected to such alleged conditions but to also set a precedent that deters future acts of neglect and cruelty. Accountability in this case is not just necessary; it is a moral imperative to protect the most vulnerable. Ensure such tragedies are not repeated.


Dear Prosecutor Mark Nichols,

We reach out to you today driven by a shared concern over the alleged mistreatment and neglect of nearly 500 animals in Sequim, Washington. Reports and investigations have painted a distressing picture of what appears to be a grave injustice against these animals, allegedly left to suffer in deplorable conditions without the basic necessities of care, food, and shelter. The apparent repeated nature of these incidents, spanning over two and a half years, underscores a pressing need for your office to take immediate and decisive action.

The specifics of the cases, with animals reportedly found underweight, suffering from various ailments, and living in improper housing conditions, are not just alarming; they are a call to action. The alleged failure to provide adequate care, coupled with the sheer number of animals affected, indicates a pattern of neglect that must be addressed with the full force of the law. This situation not only demands accountability for past and current allegations but also necessitates measures to prevent future occurrences.

We urge you, as the Clallam County Prosecutor, to pursue rigorous legal action against the individual allegedly responsible for these repeated acts of cruelty and neglect. It is crucial to demonstrate that such behavior will not be tolerated and that there are severe consequences for those who fail to uphold the standards of animal welfare. By doing so, you will not only be seeking justice for the victims of these alleged crimes but also reinforcing the values of compassion and responsibility towards all living beings in our community.

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Photo credit: U.S. Department of Agriculture

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