Seek Justice for 94 Pets Reportedly Found Paralyzed by Severely Matted Fur

Target: Toribio “Terry” Palacios​, District Attorney of Hidalgo County, Texas

Goal: Ensure legal consequences for individuals allegedly involved in a severe animal cruelty case.

In McAllen, Texas, an alarming situation unfolded as authorities allegedly discovered 94 pets living in dire conditions within a single residence. This reported discovery, initiated by an Uber Eats driver’s concern over a foul odor, led to a distressing revelation by local police and the McAllen Fire Department. The animals, consisting of 93 dogs and one cat, were reportedly found in a state that suggested prolonged neglect and suffering. This case not only highlights a severe instance of alleged animal cruelty but also the urgent need for legal intervention to prevent further harm.

Details emerging from the rescue operation suggest a harrowing picture. The pets were allegedly in such poor health that some could barely move, and their mobility was hindered by severely matted fur. According to Faith Wright, director of operations at Palm Valley Animal Society, the condition of these animals was indicative of a deeply traumatic environment. Efforts by society have since focused on providing care and facilitating transfers to rescue groups, underscoring the importance of community and legal action in addressing and remedying such distressing situations.

The arrest of Cindy Ann Wells and Leticia Sanders, facing 94 counts of animal cruelty, marks a critical step towards justice. However, this case underscores a broader issue of animal welfare and the necessity for stringent legal measures against those who allegedly perpetrate such acts of cruelty. Ensure that this case serves as a deterrent to potential offenders and affirms our societal commitment to protecting the most vulnerable among us.


Dear DA Palacios​,

In light of the recent distressing discovery in McAllen, Texas, where 94 pets were reportedly found living in conditions of severe neglect and suffering, we are reaching out to you with a plea for justice. The alleged conditions these animals endured, including extreme neglect leading to severe health issues, highlight a gross violation of animal welfare laws and moral standards. Those allegedly responsible for such neglect must face the full extent of the law.

This case, while deeply troubling, presents an opportunity for our legal system to affirm its commitment to justice and the protection of all beings from cruelty and neglect. The evidence, as reported, suggests a clear violation of multiple statutes designed to protect animals from harm. As such, we urge you to take decisive action in this case, ensuring that the charges against Cindy Ann Wells and Leticia Sanders are pursued with the seriousness they warrant.

Finally, we call upon you to ensure that this case does not merely end with prosecution but also serves as a watershed moment for animal rights and welfare in our community. By holding those allegedly responsible accountable, we can send a clear message that such acts of cruelty will not be tolerated. We look forward to your prompt and decisive action in this matter.

[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Josefine S. (Protected by Pixsy)


  1. Stories like this are so common today. Why? Is the law lax? Do we even have a legal system which produces more than mere words? Words are cheap but actions speak volumes!!! I find it disturbing that people can get away with harming so many animals. It must stink and the smell alone would signal the authorities. Do these women need mental assistance, maybe and maybe not. These women may just be evil. Who knows? I do know this is not the way to treat any living beings. If these women had to survive for one month in the same manner as they treated their dogs, they might finally know how much harm they did and what it felt like, except for these women it is only for a month they need suffer. These people are a waste of humanity. These animals deserve justice but our legal system doesn’t produce justice.

  2. goh maria says:

    How did these 2 trashs Cindy Ann Wells and Leticia Sanders end up having 94 pets? They must face harsh penalties for prolonged intentional neglect and extreme cruelty towards these poor babies! They are truly soulless, definitely deserve a permanent ban to keep pets as well!

  3. Sherry Akridge says:

    93 dogs and 1 cat, in one single residence!! Suffering!
    Cindy Ann Wells and Leticia Sanders are MONSTERS!
    Prosecute them to the fullest!
    Toribio “Terry” Palacios​, District Attorney of Hidalgo County, Texas. These helpless innocent animals deserve justice. Swift justice.

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