Demand Justice for Animals Found Wrapped and Stored in Freezer

Target: Emily Tarbert, Zanesville Assistant Law Director, Ohio

Goal: Ensure individuals charged with animal cruelty face the full consequences of their alleged actions.

A distressing discovery in Zanesville in early December shed light on a grievous situation. An investigation led by the Muskingum County Humane Officer reportedly unearthed 41 animals living amid severe neglect. Reportedly, these creatures, both cats and dogs, were found in an environment so deplorable it stunned even seasoned officials. Witnesses allege the floor was obscured by animal waste and the air was heavy with the stench of urine, painting a grim picture of the animals’ daily lives.

Further into this heartbreaking scenario, authorities reportedly stumbled upon something even more horrifying. Thirteen dogs and eight cats, lifeless, were allegedly found wrapped and stored in a freezer, suggesting a gruesome end to their suffering. This act of apparent cruelty surpasses mere neglect, veering into the realm of deliberate torment and torture. The charges against Tonya Hansen and Angela Hansen in connection with the case include 64 counts of animal torture and 21 counts of destroying domestic animals, illustrating the severity of their alleged misconduct.

The case underscores a dire need for change. Animals, sentient beings capable of suffering and joy, deserve protection from such alleged acts of cruelty. Their alleged actions not only betray a profound lack of humanity but also highlight the urgent need for a legal system that adequately addresses and punishes animal cruelty. Demand stringent legal consequences against those responsible for these egregious acts.


Dear Director Emily Tarbert,

The recent case uncovered at 1141 Putnam Avenue in Zanesville has brought to light a deeply disturbing instance of alleged animal cruelty. The charges against Tonya Hansen and Angela Hansen, detailing the torture and neglect of 41 animals, represent a profound betrayal of the trust our society places in its members to treat all living beings with compassion. This case, as reported, showcases conditions so appalling they demand immediate and decisive action.

The allegations describe a setting of extreme neglect, where animals were forced to exist in conditions no living being should ever endure. The alleged discovery of deceased animals, chillingly stored in a freezer, adds a layer of horror to an already tragic situation. Such actions, if proven, should not only shock the conscience of our community but also catalyze a legal response that underscores the seriousness with which we regard animal welfare.

We implore your office to pursue the fullest extent of the law in prosecuting this case. A strong message must be sent: our community will not tolerate such alleged acts of cruelty and will hold those responsible accountable for their actions. Justice for these animals means not only acknowledging their suffering but also ensuring it is not in vain by using this case as a catalyst for stricter enforcement of animal welfare laws.


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