20 Dogs Allegedly Poisoned by Tainted Meat Deserve Justice

Target: K. Gopalakrishna Kurup, Advocate General of Kerala

Goal: Ensure legal consequences for the individual allegedly responsible for poisoning twenty dogs in the Indian state of Kerala.

In the serene Kunnathur Village in the Indian state of Kerala, a horrifying scene allegedly unfolded as residents discovered twenty canine carcasses scattered across their streets. This shocking incident, unprecedented in the village’s history, stirred deep unrest and sorrow among the community. A local poultry farmer is suspected of lacing meat with pesticide, allegedly intending to eliminate what he saw as a threat to his livestock.

Further investigations point towards Shan Basha, who allegedly took drastic measures against the street and pet dogs that barked at his ducks. Allegedly, the presence of raw meat near the deceased animals hints at a premeditated act of cruelty, leveraging poison to silence these innocent beings. This incident not only reveals an apparently grave act of malice but also underscores a significant lapse in empathy and responsibility towards animal life.

The demand for justice transcends mere retribution; it’s a call for a broader reflection on the value we place on life, regardless of its form. Ensuring strict legal action against those allegedly responsible is imperative to prevent future atrocities. The community’s outcry led by activists like V.K. Vasudevan represents a unified stance against cruelty and a plea for compassion and accountability. Take action now.


Dear Advocate General K. Gopalakrishna Kurup,

A devastating event in Kunnathur Village has robbed twenty dogs of their lives, leaving the community in mourning and outrage. Allegedly, a local farmer, aiming to protect his ducks from these dogs, resorted to a heinous method—poisoning. This act, involving the seemingly deliberate placement of pesticide-laced meat, signifies not only an apparent disregard for animal welfare but a disturbing breach of moral and legal conduct.

The implications of such an alleged act stretch far beyond the immediate loss. They sow seeds of fear and distrust within a community that values its harmony with nature. Furthermore, they challenge the legal framework’s efficacy in safeguarding the most vulnerable among us. It’s critical that this alleged crime not go unpunished; it serves as a precedent, one that could either deter future cruelty or embolden it depending on the action taken.

We urge you to pursue stringent legal measures against the alleged perpetrator. Such actions are vital to reaffirming the community’s belief in justice and the law’s protective reach. Let this case serve as a testament to the unwavering commitment to compassion, justice, and the inviolable rights of all living beings.


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  1. Alice K Knight says:

    What a poor excuse for a human being. How dare this person do take the deaths of these animals into his own hands. Is there anyone or group of animal activists or shelters that can educate these individuals regarding the life and welfare of dogs whether they are strays or pets? it’s either people wish not to involve themselves over these acts of cruelty or they turn the other way. Something dire needs to be done.

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