Enforce Strong Ban of Exotic Skins and Feathers in Fashion

Target: Lea Wermelin, Minister for Environment of Denmark

Goal: Implement and enforce strict regulations against the use of exotic animal skins and feathers in the fashion industry.

In recent revelations, the fashion industry’s practices concerning exotic animal skins and feathers have been brought into a harsh light. Copenhagen Fashion Week’s progressive step to ban these materials next year marks a significant, albeit initial, move toward ethical fashion. However, the persistent use of such materials across global fashion capitals paints a grim picture of the industry’s standards on animal welfare. This situation calls for an urgent reassessment and robust action against the cruelty hidden behind the glitz of fashion.

Reports have emerged, shedding light on the horrifying methods employed to obtain these materials. Snakes, for instance, allegedly suffer being pumped with air or water while still alive, a practice as cruel as it sounds. Crocodiles and alligators reportedly face brutal killings with metal rods rammed down their spines. Such acts of cruelty, reportedly happening behind the scenes, necessitate a prompt and stringent response from both the fashion industry and regulatory bodies. Mislabelling of real feathers as “faux” by major retailers further complicates the issue, misleading consumers and undermining efforts toward transparency and ethical fashion.

The ban by Copenhagen Fashion Week, while a commendable start, underscores a broader, more systemic issue that demands comprehensive regulatory intervention. It is not merely about individual choices or industry standards but about enforcing legal frameworks that protect these animals from exploitation and cruelty. Seeks immediate action to outlaw the use of exotic skins and feathers, ensuring the fashion industry aligns with ethical and humane practices.


Dear Minister Lea Wermelin,

The fashion industry’s use of exotic animal skins and feathers has come under scrutiny for the alleged cruelty and inhumane treatment of animals involved. Reports of snakes being pumped with air or water while alive and crocodiles as well as alligators facing brutal methods of killing for their skins are deeply troubling. Such practices not only reflect poorly on the fashion industry’s ethical standards but also raise significant concerns about our commitment to animal welfare and protection.

Copenhagen Fashion Week’s recent decision to ban these materials is a step in the right direction, yet it is not enough. The persistent use of exotic skins and feathers, highlighted by the luxurious and high-profile items such as the Millionaire Speedy bag by Louis Vuitton, indicates a systemic issue that requires legal intervention. Mislabeling of real feathers as “faux” by well-known retailers exacerbates the problem, misleading consumers and diluting efforts towards more ethical fashion practices.

We urgently call for your intervention to implement and enforce strict regulations against the use of exotic animal skins and feathers in the fashion industry. Such measures are essential not only for the sake of animal welfare but also to promote a more ethical, transparent, and sustainable fashion industry. By taking a stand against these cruel practices, we can set a precedent for other nations and industries to follow, making a tangible difference in the lives of countless animals and contributing to the global movement towards more humane practices.


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Photo credit: Cristian Cativo


  1. Everytime i see someone wearing furs or leather for style show a very low spiritual conciseness.

  2. Alice K Knight says:

    Shame on anyone who wraps themselves in another beings skin!

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