Demand Justice for Dog Shot and Abandoned

Target: Michael S. Greek, District Attorney of Carbon County, Pennsylvania

Goal: Ensure the perpetrator responsible for the shooting and abandonment of an innocent dog faces legal consequences.

An appalling act of cruelty unfolded in Carbon County, as a dog was discovered shot and abandoned. Found by a concerned citizen, the animal suffered grievously, with two bullets lodged within. Miraculously surviving surgery, this innocent creature’s plight has sparked outrage and a cry for justice.

Further details unravel a disturbing scenario. The dog, initially believed to have been mauled by wildlife, was later revealed through veterinary examination to have been shot intentionally, once between the eyes and with another bullet found in its throat. Such an act of violence against a defenseless animal highlights a chilling disregard for life and welfare.

The necessity for swift and stern legal action against the perpetrator is undeniable. Animals, akin to humans, possess the capacity for pain and fear; they deserve protection under the law. This petition seeks not only justice for the wounded dog but also aims to uphold the principle that cruelty cannot go unpunished. Demand that the authorities thoroughly investigate, identify, and prosecute the individual or individuals responsible for this heinous act.


Dear DA Michael S. Greek,

A case of shocking animal cruelty has come to light within your jurisdiction, involving a dog found shot and abandoned. This innocent animal was discovered with severe injuries, indicating a deliberate act of violence. Such malevolence against a defenseless creature is not only reprehensible but also demands legal scrutiny and action.

The details of this case reveal a disturbing disregard for life. The dog, found with bullets in its head and throat, underwent emergency surgery and faces a long, painful recovery. This incident, a blatant act of cruelty, underscores a dire need for justice and accountability. It is imperative that our legal system responds with the full weight of its authority to investigate and prosecute those responsible.

We implore you to take immediate action on this matter. The community looks to you to uphold the principles of justice and compassion by ensuring the individual or individuals responsible are held accountable under the law. We demand a thorough investigation and appropriate legal measures to prevent future acts of cruelty and to protect the most vulnerable among us.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Eatcha

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  1. Please take this case seriously as all living beings are at stake! Nobody is above the law , do not let firearms contribute to animal abuse and violence!

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