Call for Justice for Animals Allegedly Confined in Own Waste

Target: Joel Buckingham, District Attorney for San Benito County, California

Goal: Prosecute those allegedly involved in an animal abuse case.

In a shocking development, allegations have emerged from a home in Hollister, turning it into the epicenter of one of the most distressing animal abuse cases in San Benito county’s history. Over 200 dogs and cats were rescued under dire circumstances, igniting a community and nationwide outcry for justice. These animals were reportedly found malnourished, confined in their own waste, with others deceased and stored in a freezer, painting a harrowing picture of alleged neglect.

The home, associated with Pet-A-Palooza Rescue, came under scrutiny after police acted on a recent complaint, unveiling the apparent reality of the animals’ living conditions. The operator’s reported admissions regarding the lack of proper care due to financial constraints further underscore the alleged negligence. This discovery contradicts earlier police reports, which, following minimal complaints in previous years, found no evidence of such wrongdoing. The discrepancy between past investigations and the current situation raises questions and demands a thorough examination.

The call for justice rings loud as the community, and animal advocates demand accountability for the alleged suffering inflicted upon these innocent animals. Those allegedly responsible must face legal scrutiny to prevent future occurrences. Urge a comprehensive investigation and prosecution, emphasizing the need for vigilance and stronger oversight in animal welfare practices.


Dear DA Joel Buckingham,

The recent rescue of over 200 dogs and cats from a home in Hollister has uncovered what is being described as a massive case of alleged animal abuse, deeply concerning our community and animal rights advocates nationwide. The conditions these animals were reportedly found in — malnourished, living in filth, with some deceased and stored inappropriately — spotlight the urgent need for accountability and systemic change. These allegations suggest a severe lack of oversight and a failure to act upon earlier complaints, necessitating a reevaluation of animal welfare protocols and enforcement.

It has become suspected that despite previous investigations by local authorities, significant signs of abuse were either missed or unreported, leading to continued suffering. The operator of Pet-A-Palooza Rescue’s alleged admission of inadequate care due to financial struggles underscores the necessity for thorough oversight of animal rescue organizations. Such conditions should never be the fate of any animal, highlighting a disturbing gap in our system’s ability to protect the vulnerable.

We, therefore, request a rigorous legal examination of the facts surrounding this case, ensuring that those found allegedly responsible are held accountable. Additionally, we advocate for the implementation of stricter regulations and a transparent registry for animal rescue organizations to prevent such alleged neglect in the future. Let this case serve as a catalyst for change, ensuring the safety and well-being of all animals under human care.


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