Demand Justice for Dog Allegedly Severely Emaciated Due to Neglect

Target: Margit Wachberger, Procurator General of Austria

Goal: Enact stringent legal consequences for alleged neglect leading to severe animal emaciation.

A distressing case of alleged neglect surfaced, spotlighting an American Staffordshire Terrier named Mona. At a time when care and compassion were most needed, Mona was reportedly discovered in a heart-wrenching state of severe emaciation, weighing a mere 16 kg, far below her healthy weight of 25 kg. This stark difference raises alarming questions about her care and the treatment she endured.

Allegedly, during the period from January to October 2023, despite six veterinary visits confirming her critical condition and specific needs, adequate measures were not taken to ensure her well-being. Mona allegedly suffered from an underactive pancreas, a condition that impedes proper food digestion, necessitating special dietary adjustments which were allegedly not consistently provided. Such glaring oversight points to a profound failure in fulfilling the basic responsibilities of pet ownership and care.

The necessity for stringent legal action in cases of such alleged neglect cannot be overstated. Every animal deserves compassion, proper care, and a life free from suffering. This incident underscores a dire need for accountability, urging legal bodies to consider the emotional and physical torment suffered by animals due to neglect. Demand immediate and decisive legal action against the alleged neglect that led to Mona’s severe emaciation, ensuring such neglect faces rightful consequences.


Dear Procurator General Margit Wachberger,

In a troubling incident that has come to light, an American Staffordshire Terrier named Mona was discovered in a state of severe emaciation, a condition that speaks volumes of the alleged neglect she suffered. Reportedly found weighing significantly less than her healthy weight, Mona’s plight is not just a reflection of an apparent individual failure but a call to action for the enforcement of animal welfare laws more rigorously.

The details surrounding Mona’s condition, including a critical health issue—an underactive pancreas—required specific care and dietary adjustments, reportedly not provided consistently. This apparent neglect led to a situation where her life was put at risk. Such cases of alleged neglect highlight the urgent need for legal intervention to not only address the wrongdoing but also to serve as a deterrent for future negligence.

We implore you to take decisive action against the alleged neglect faced by Mona, ensuring that such instances are met with the full force of the law. Our society must hold individuals accountable for the care and well-being of their pets. By doing so, we reinforce the value of compassion and responsibility towards all living beings.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: M62ichael


  1. Give the same treatment to this moron x10

  2. Alice K Knight says:

    What is the reason the veterinarian(s) who visited Mona, did not contact a Animal Shelter regarding the situation? They are as much at fault as the owner(s).

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