Demand Justice for Cat Reportedly Dropped in Classroom Experiment

Target: Ying-Hao Chen, Director, Taipei City Animal Protection Office, Taiwan

Goal: Ensure legal consequences for the teacher’s alleged abuse during a classroom experiment

A teacher from Taiwan referred to as Lee, reportedly engaged in a disturbing act under the guise of education. During a physics lesson, Lee allegedly held his pet cat upside down and dropped it to demonstrate angular momentum. Allegedly, a video shows the cat yowling before being let go to fall onto the classroom floor, out of sight but not before an audible thud is heard. Public reaction was swift, with many expressing shock and condemnation over such teaching methods.

Following the incident, Lee reportedly offered apologies through various media outlets and his educational establishment’s Facebook account, admitting a lack of consideration for the “physical and mental stress” this act could inflict on his pet. Despite his apologies and a donation to the Taiwan Homeless Animal Rescue Association, public sentiment remains unforgiving. Critics argue Lee’s actions, under the pretense of education, disregarded basic respect for life and potentially set a dangerous precedent. The outcry underscores a collective demand for more humane treatment of animals and questions the appropriateness of using living beings as tools for learning.

This alarming incident allegedly highlights a stark violation of animal rights and raises serious questions about ethical standards in education. The Taipei City Animal Protection Office must take decisive action. Lee’s alleged mistreatment of his pet for a classroom demonstration should not be overlooked. Appropriate legal measures must be pursued to prevent similar occurrences and ensure that respect for all living beings is upheld in educational settings. Enforce the law to address the alleged abuse and reaffirm the sanctity of animal rights.


Dear Director Ying-Hao Chen,

The recent incident involving a teacher, identified merely as Lee, who allegedly used his pet cat in a physics experiment, has raised significant concerns about animal welfare and ethical conduct in education. Reportedly, Lee dropped his cat from a height to demonstrate angular momentum, a decision that has sparked outrage and drawn criticism from the public and animal rights advocates alike. Despite his apologies and subsequent actions, the gravity of this alleged mistreatment demands a thorough investigation and appropriate legal response.

This episode not only allegedly exposed a cat to unnecessary harm but also, worryingly, conveyed a misguided lesson to students about the treatment of animals. Such actions, if true as reported, undermine efforts to foster empathy and respect for life among young learners. It is crucial that our community addresses this matter with the seriousness it deserves, ensuring that it serves as a deterrent to prevent any recurrence of similar or related acts.

Therefore, we respectfully urge your office to take swift and decisive action in investigating this matter. Should the allegations prove accurate, we demand that legal consequences be enforced against Lee to the fullest extent permitted by the Animal Protection Act. This case presents an opportunity to reinforce the importance of animal rights and the responsibility of educators to uphold the highest ethical standards. We look forward to your prompt attention to this pressing issue.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Mary Young says:

    Drop that sick mother fucker from the top of a building and see how he would feel if he’s still alive

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