Seek Justice for Rooster Allegedly Sacrificed For Rituals

Target: Margarita Cabello Blanco, Attorney General of Colombia

Goal: Ensure strict punishment for those involved in the alleged animal sacrifice incident to safeguard animal rights and ethics in construction projects.

A ritualistic animal sacrifice reportedly took place within the confines of the Bogotá Metro project. Allegedly, in a clear violation of ethical standards and respect for life, a rooster’s life was cruelly taken, and its blood spread across the infrastructure as part of a construction ritual. Such alleged acts not only betray a disregard for animal welfare but also taint the project with allegations of barbarity.

The heart of this issue lies in a video released by Senator and animal rights activist Andrea Padilla, which brought to light the sacrifice allegedly performed by Yuandeng Zhao and other workers. According to reports, these workers allegedly engaged in a premeditated act of cruelty, torturing the animal before its demise. This video has not only caused widespread indignation but has also prompted a criminal investigation by the Attorney General’s Office, aiming to clarify the situation and address any legal violations.

The gravity of this situation cannot be overstated. It stands as a dark mark against the Bogotá Metro project, highlighting a dire need for stringent measures to prevent such acts in the future. Take decisive action to investigate, prosecute, and penalize all individuals involved in this cruel act.


Dear Attorney General Margarita Cabello Blanco,

In light of reports regarding a heinous act of animal cruelty within the Bogotá Metro construction project, we find ourselves compelled to address you. A video, made public by Senator Andrea Padilla, has apparently exposed a ritualistic sacrifice involving a rooster. This act, allegedly perpetrated by Yuandeng Zhao among others, reportedly involved the deliberate torture of the animal, culminating in its death and the spreading of its blood on the project’s infrastructure.

This alleged incident not only violates ethical norms and animal rights but also casts a shadow over the Bogotá Metro project. The community’s trust is shattered when such barbaric practices are allowed to taint projects meant for public service. The Attorney General’s Office has rightly initiated a criminal investigation. However, we urge you to ensure this investigation is thorough, transparent, and leads to the strictest legal consequences for everyone involved.

Our demand is unequivocal. We seek justice for the innocent life taken and insist on a precedent that unequivocally condemns animal cruelty in all forms, particularly in settings that should embody progress and respect for all beings. We trust in your authority and moral judgment to address this grave issue effectively.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Kevin B

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  1. We kill animals for food, yes, but we do not have to torture them first! If they must be killed, let it be as quickly and humanely as possible

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