Seek Justice for Dogs Allegedly Poisoned With Ammonia and Suffocated

Target: Jeff Laugero, District Attorney of Stanislaus County, California

Goal: Ensure those allegedly responsible for the severe neglect and abuse of 86 dogs face legal consequences.

Eighty-six canines were reportedly rescued from a dire hoarding scenario in a residence on Hollister Street, Ceres, revealing a shocking instance of alleged animal neglect. Stanislaus Animal Services Agency described the conditions as horrific, where dogs allegedly lived amidst dangerous levels of ammonia from urine, causing a health hazard not just for them but also for the humans residing there. This alleged situation underscores an urgent need for legal action against such severe forms of alleged neglect.

Rescuers found the dogs in a state that hints at prolonged exposure to darkness and unsanitary conditions, with many reportedly suffering from eye issues and severely matted fur. The living space was so compromised that oxygen levels reportedly plummeted to a mere 16%, indicative of the toxic environment created by the neglect. This allegedly distressing discovery made possible with the assistance of the Modesto Fire Department and Ceres Police Department, reveals the depth of suffering endured by these animals. It is a stark reminder of the responsibility society holds to protect those who cannot voice their distress.

It is imperative to advocate for the welfare of these innocent beings by ensuring that their alleged abusers face the full extent of the law. The community must rally together to support this cause, advocating for a future where such blatant disregard for animal welfare is met with unwavering legal consequences. Demand that the District Attorney of Stanislaus County take decisive action, ensuring justice is served.


Dear DA Jeff Laugero,

We are writing to you about a grave matter of alleged animal neglect and abuse that recently came to light in Ceres, where over eighty-six dogs were rescued from conditions that can only be described as appalling. These dogs were reportedly found in an environment so hazardous that rescue workers struggled to enter the premises, with oxygen levels critically low due to excessive ammonia from urine. This scenario not only suggests severe animal neglect but also indicates a disturbing risk to human health, including the lives of a senior citizen and a young child who lived in the home.

The details emerging from this rescue operation paint a harrowing picture of the suffering these animals allegedly endured. Many of the dogs are reported to have severe health issues, including eye problems likely caused by prolonged exposure to inadequate light and unsanitary conditions. Their physical state, including severely matted hair, is a testament to the alleged neglect they faced. Such alleged neglect speaks volumes about the need for accountability and the importance of legal action to prevent future occurrences.

We urge you to pursue the strongest possible legal actions against those allegedly responsible for this profound neglect. This case must be treated with the severity it deserves, serving as a deterrent to others who might commit similar acts of cruelty. By ensuring those allegedly responsible are held accountable, you will be sending a clear message that our community does not tolerate animal neglect and abuse. We implore you to take decisive steps to ensure justice for these innocent animals, providing a voice for the voiceless and upholding our societal values of compassion and responsibility.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Dean Souglass

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  1. Sherry Akridge says:

    Start making all of these monsters accountable for the way they abuse, torture and kill animals! Why are there laws? This is every day over and over. This world is full of these evil people.

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